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Here we present a series of articles about General Aviation in Europe.  If you've something to contribute please do get in touch.

Peter's trip reports and articles
C182 King Katmai Ferry Flight from El Dorado, Kansas to the Isle of Man
Flying in Ireland
European Airparks
Simon's Panshanger to La Rochelle trip report
Colm's USA Trip Report
Robert's African Adventure
1986 trip report - UK to Portugal, without GPS
Gibraltar in Seven Easy Stages - June 2014
Patrick's Fly Balkan - trip report
Vladimir's Zurich to Samedan trip report - March 2015
Vieke's VFR Belgium to Istanbul trip report - Sep 2015
A rough guide to Obtaining the FAA PPL and IR for Europeans
Colm's Trip Reports: Ganderkesee EDGW and Scotland's west coast
Competency Based Modular Instrument Rating
South-Western France in June/July 2015
VFR tour around California
South Africa to the UK, September 1998
2016 - A Greek Odyssey by PG
Back to Africa
South Europe by Arrow IV
Around the world in 4 weeks in a TBM930 by Loco
To the Aero with 90 horses, a map and a compass by MH
A ferry flight from England to Romania by Ultranomad
Balearic Islands and Valencia by Terbang
Flying vacation in Portugal by Terbang
Germany to Spain by Terbang
West Coast Winter by Aveling
South America - to the end of the world and back by terbang
UK to Istria and Venice
UK to Avignon and Cap de Corse; September 2019
CB IR Introduction by Patrick Lienhart
EASA Part-ML (Pilot Owner) Maintenance
Poland to Corsica July 2021
YLL On Tour 2022

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