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Cessna 172R

N937dr 800px


When Cessna restarted the 172/182/206 production after halting aircraft output in 1986, they took a very careful look at what the market wanted. They needed to get rid of pilot error-prone carburettor heat application and went with all fuel-injected engines. They had to improve corrosion-proofing, soundproofing and cabin fit-outs. Instrument panels no longer were suspended metal panels with plastic facias, they needed to be clean-cut aluminium textured panels. King Avionics packages with autopilots, standardised the fleet. This is why when you open the door of an aircraft like N937DR you get instant reassurance that the world has moved on.

Cessna expected to sell three of the 160 horsepower 172R models, for every 180 horsepower 172SP model, for a good reason. They are identical Lycoming IO-360-L2A engines, but by lowering the take-off rpm by 300 rpm using a different propeller they could make generous savings on the fuel burn and lower the noise footprint of the aircraft. In the typical role for the Cessna 172, the upsides of this were gladly appreciated. When you fly N937DR you will see the slightly coarser pitch propeller makes for a fast aircraft in the cruise, it’s always sitting around 120KIAS at 2300rpm.

There is no need for a hard sell on an aircraft with 716hrs Total Time, when you approach the aircraft in the hangar you know instantly this is an aircraft that has been privately owned and carefully minded every day of its life. Everything on the aircraft is as it was on delivery, and some things have been improved. The artificial horizon has been replaced with a Garmin GI-275 which allows the vacuum system to be blanked off. The King KLN89B has been updated with an IFR KLN94 GPS. The Com radio has been updated with the expensive KX-165A model with 8.33Khz spacing, and the transponder has been updated with a Trig TT-31 Mode S. The complete list of avionics is as follows:

- Cessna Nav II Package
King KLN 94 Color Moving-Map GPS-IFR
King KMA 26 TSO Audio Panel
King KX 165A Nav/8.33Khz Com
KI 209A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator with GPS Interface
King KX 155A Nav/Com
King KI 208 VOR/LOC Indicator
King KR 87 ADF
Trig TT-31 Mode S Transponder
King KAP 140 Single Axis Autopilot
Garmin GI-275 Artificial Horizon with GPS

All three wheel fairings are present, the paintwork is pristine, and the interior is as you would expect from a low-time privately operated aircraft. The aircraft is only for sale, as the owners have consolidated their requirements into one aircraft. They have enjoyed N937DR since June 2006 where it was purchased via Denmark privately, and the aircraft remains EU Vat paid. The aircraft has a current annual to 31st May 2023. When you consider a new Cessna 172SP will give very little change from $500k this makes N937DR very attractive, priced under VRef book value at $199,950 USD.

Contact William Flood
+353 87 2218706

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