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These items are offered directly by EuroGA members.  If you are interested in an item, please send a message to the member, using the button provided. We cannot vouch for the veracity of the ads.  Buyer beware.


  • Miscellanous items (other than below) €5 per item
  • Avionics €10 per item
  • Aircraft €25 per aircraft



20220616 075052

750 €


This system was removed during a recent panel upgrade.
It was working when removed, see the youtube video at the link:

(copy the link and attach to your browser)
however, it is being sold “AS IS”.

I am including the WX-8, the tray, the connector plus a spare new connector, the wiring as removed from the aircraft ( 6,5 meters, 22 ft about), the antenna, the gasket, screws and the original manual.

WX-8 PART NUMBER: 78-8041-7819-8 SERIAL NUMBER: R8D0361463
WX-8 ANTENNA PART NUMBER: 78-8041-7905-5 SERIAL NUMBER: R8A03601463

Shipping cost depending on the Country of destination. Indicatively $60 but you will pay the real final cost.
Shipping will be via the Italian Post International Service.

You are free to choose a different courier but with the relative costs that will be quoted accordingly.
Ask for shipping cost before bidding.

Any import taxes will be the buyer’s responsibility.

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16 days


Garmin GNS430W WAAS GPS with fresh EASA FORM1

Img 0535


  • Installation possible at separate offer, ask by email *
    For sale is my Garmin GNS430 WAAS unit witch complete rack/installation kit and fresh Easa FORM-1.

GNS 430W is well known unit, its 8.33kHz COM, VOR/ILS and GPS with LPV approaches.
Unit is fully functional and was making no problem until removed due to panel upgrade.
After deinstallation I sent it Avionics Straubing in Germany to verify technical condition, any hidden failures and issue new Easa FORM1 so its ready for installation in next aircraft.

Now important – Why my unit is better than others:
1. A lot of old GNS have some internal problems and it can be that previous owner don’t know about them. This problems will be detected when unit will be tested for re-issue FORM1 and it will became really expensive for buyer. I did this test, paid for it and unit is 100% functional what is certified on paper.
2. Easa FORM1 is required to legally install unit, if you will buy one without you will need to send it to proper company and get new Form-1, they will test if unit is fully functional and it can make some expensive supprises (look point 1)
3. It’s not scam, I’m real man, you can came to my airport (EDLB) look for unit, pay and take it. You can also call me if you want.
4. This is GNS430W so WAAS unit, it’s still supported by garmin (GNS430 non-waas isn’t), can be repaired and let you obtain higher PBN capabilites, you can make also LPV approaches with this.
5. This is 12/24V unit, some of them are only 24 so unusable in most GA aircrafts.
6. Unit has latest software what makes it compatybile with Flightstream bluetooth, Garmin G5 etc.
7. Unit comes with Nav data card and terrain card (look pictures).

This is private sell, no invoice, no warranty.

Contact: +49 157 300 43864

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about 2 months


ADL 120 Weather Receiver

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220€ + shipping

Selling my ADL 120 including antenna

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about 2 months

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