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Manston EGMH, May 2024 Fly-in & Camp

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Manston Airport EGMH is hosting a May Bank Holiday Flyin & Camp.
Open to all, it commences on Friday 24th May through to Sunday 26th May.

Supported by Riveroak, the owners of Manston, organised by The Kent Strut of the LAA,
assisted by RAF Manston History Museum and Polar Helicopters.

Camping onsite with ‘facilities’
RAF Manston Museum and their Cafe will be open
Local bus stop with routes to Margate, Ramsgate and other Thanet towns
£15 landing fee
£10 per night camping
Proceeds to Charities – Martha Trust, RAF Manston Museum, Brain Tumour Research.

PPR with based operator Polar Helicopters by email [email protected]
Indicate dates and if you plan to camp, along with usual inbound flight details.
Border Force will designate Manston as a temporary ‘Port of Entry’ for the weekend.
Flightplans to be closed with London Information
Manston does not have an instrument approach.
AVGAS 100LL and JetA will be available, request with your PPR

Nearby Lydd Airport EGMD provides instrument approaches and an apron bowser service for 100LL and JetA.

Previously we have had over one hundred aircraft…

Assistance needed – Revamping an airfield on the Coast of Spain

Img 1860 Bandera salto goose bay cold lake

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! I’m reaching out to our wonderful group of aviation enthusiasts for some assistance. As some of you may know, I’m currently involved in the renewal of a renowned airclub located on the coast of Spain. We’re looking to revamp our facilities and enhance the overall experience for our members and visitors. Specially we would like this to be the Airclub of reference for General Aviation in Spain. A great destination for European flyers.

To gather some inspiration and ideas, I’m planning to visit a few other airfields and airclubs across Europe. I’d love to hear about your favorite spots and any recommendations you might have. We’re particularly interested in learning about infrastructures, design elements, and amenities that make your clubs stand out.

Currently, I’m planning to visit Portoroz, Annemasse, and Le Castellet, but I’m open to exploring other suggestions as well.

Your input and insights would be incredibly valuable to us as we embark on this exciting journey. Thank you all in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Flying Estate for sale

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Peter has very kindly suggested we put this up on the forum.

As I have posted elsewhere, Therese and I have been planning a temporary move to Italy, and we have now decided to make this permanent. As a result, but very reluctantly, have to put our ‘flying estate’ in the English Cotswolds up for sale. We are both very keen to make sure the estate stays in the pilot community, as it is such an incredibly rare asset. We can’t afford to see if turned into another English horsey place! Since we bought it a decade ago we have invested a huge amount of time and money to lengthen and improve the runway, build a terrific new hangar and fully renovate and modernise the house.

In case anyone on the forum might be seriously interested, or know of someone who could be, please do let me know. Could be someone based anywhere in the world, but who would like to enjoy the globally recognised charms of the Cotswolds. Reward for a successful introduction!

This is the kind of place where on nice days I bring the Piper Cub around to the front lawn, right outside my office, admire her out the window between calls, and then take her for a spin whenever I feel like – 60 seconds from desk to taxi! We fly 15 minutes to a friends farm to do our grocery shopping at the best ‘farm shop’ in the Cotswolds, or pop over to Compton Abbas to enjoy the scene. London Denham, with the tube nearby, is 20 minutes away in the Jetprop. Want a day at he beach – the Cornwall airports are less than an hour away. Alternatively, because we are border force approved for international operations, we often fly directly from the strip straight to Sion to visit friends – block time 2:30. Travelling commercially we would still be in the check in queue at Heathrow by the time we are having a glass with our friends in Veysonnaz.

A couple of video links:

Messing about in the Cub

Apologies, but I have not included the place name in the brochure, for reasons of privacy and security.

Very happy to answer any questions. Please help me sell this to another pilot!

Possible good news from Greece

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Just read the latest monthly email from AOPA Hellas.

Several positive articles in it including:
1) Formation of a committee in 2021 to promote GA tourism, to catch up with Croatia etc. In recognition that people arriving own their own plane will spend more than your usual package holidaymaker.
2) Perhaps as a forerunner – the municipality of Milos and the airport are actively discussing opening the airport beyond the normal very restrictive hours and promoting GA tourism
3) Airport of Ioannina has starting promoting itself as a place for flight training – presumably means they will have to widen the opening hours too?

Can anyone from Greece please comment on whether these developments are real.

Extra NG (G-MIIL) goes down, no fatalities

Extra NG (G-MIIL) had hit a building Oxfordshire after an in-flight canopy failure on 2 April 2022.

“The investigation identified a lack of appropriate bonding between the inner and outer canopy frame around the front of the canopy.”
Hm. It happens?
It is not a homebuilt…

Cessna Cardinal PPI Recommendations


Are there any members who can perform a professional pre-purchase inspection on a F177RG for sale in France, respectively recommend a local mechanic with Cardinal expertise?

Thanks in advance from a potential first-time Cardinal buyer … looking at getting back into aircraft ownership after some years of hiatus.

I could deffo do EGKA-ENVA (and planned that trip to see a good customer there, but he has retired) but not nonstop

I did the Alps nonstop during covid, when a landing would land me in a detention…

Img 1860
Hi @speed, where exactly are you getting the upgrade? Maybe some of us have already visited and should have some comments.
N65lv small
I mentioned I would report back on the progress on removing the kln90B and replacing it with a GNX375 in combination with and ADL190 device. We did some other things also I kicked out the old shadi…
Comanche seite

Yes, and it’s total bollock not to do so. No one will request that STC as long as the fuel is not available. The costs for the STC should be regarded as a PR coup. Like an advertiser.
Anyway: if t…

Lhe in flight new version
I wonder what snow load they can handle?

Sorry my point was that it was an aircraft professionally designed and built and with some QA, and that sh&t happens even on production certified aircraft.
Sorry if you’ve seen anything else i…

Img 7269
Downloaded it and started geeking immediately
Just a note, Beauville-Tille wanted 300eur for handling to clear customs. This is for a PA28