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CIME card in France – a mandatory crew certificate?

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What is the scope of this requirement, how do you obtain it, and who does it affect?

It seems similar to the German ZÜP.

Do you code your plane Mode S Address into your PLB just like it is in the ELT

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I am going to get a PLB as I will be doing some “over the water” flying soon (mostly Balearic islands, Spain → Italy and also Canary islands). I wonder if it is a common practice (and it makes sense) to program the Mode S Address that was coded in the ELT of my SR22 into the PLB, or I should just leave it unprogrammed (in the end, it’s “Personal”).
I will use it only in the plane so maybe it’s better that should it be activated, emergency services get information of the plane… but maybe it’s not a good idea or common practice. Any insight on this?

DHC2 SE-KKD at Örebro

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From here

I don’t know if it has been mentioned in EuroGA but in the summer of 2021 there was another paradropping accident in Sweden. A DHC2 with 8 parajumpers crashed soon after takeoff from Örebro (ESOE) airport with everyone onboard killed. Just as in the Umeå case, this aircraft was loaded with CG behind the aft limit.

The accident report was published today.

In summary (my translation):

“Control of the aircraft was probably lost when the wing flaps were retracted in a situation where the stick forces were high due to an abnormal elevator trim position and the aircraft was unstable due to both the trim position and the CG being behind the aft limit. The low altitude meant that control of the aircraft could not be regained.
The cause of the accident was normalisation of deviance in the operation, resulting in a safety margins too small for safe flight.”

Acorn Welding (and AWI-AMI, and Gomolzig) opinion?

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I am to replace both tail pipes on my 182 and I am looking at Acorn Welding products (FAA PMA).
They use same Stainless Steel .035 as Cessna.
Price is significantly better.
Any experience with this company ?
Kind regards

The scenario you really don't want to be in when flying a SEP

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Every time I flew long range this scenario was in the back of my mind. Can I crash in a controlled manner in case the engine fails…..To be honest there were times I would not have been able to do that….The IR is a safety tool in a SEP but not a passe par toutes as this unfortunate accident again shows…I admit in a Cirrus they would have survived probably? What do you think?

We should rename the thread to ‘Fly-to-board’

No ski’s required. Good to hear Sebastian.

Angrybird 2

Don’t be too sure. At the end of the article mentioned above, there was a “survey”. The question is: “Do you want Norway to build modern nuclear energy if it causes a reduction in the price of ele…

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Thanks Peter. I’ll take a look at the thread.
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Still lurking here at least some of the time :-)
@paulrules: There is no requirement for German language proficiency to go down the BASA-route. I have done several TIP-L-conversions last year, and…

On the helicopter side, the R66 has optional auxiliary fuel tanks which are installed in the baggage compartment and can be installed/removed in just 15 minutes. The small version is 23.2 US gals …
We just had ours done with Gomolzig and also excellent results. Plus the turnaround time was only a few days!
The guy in the photo really looks threatening to the world order doesn’t he?

Yes, Europe and most of the world has always been a violent and unstable place, and that is the point. Looking inw…