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Piper Malibu PA46 N757NY down in Goose Bay

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Looks like N757NY. Pilot survived, but passenger did not. He was a UK resident – the new owner along for the ride? RIP, very sad.


Cessna 182 – SMA Diesel (this time by Soloy), and innovation in GA

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As you may be aware the SMA diesel STC was transferred to Soloy last year.
They currently have an Airventure show special of USD175.000 for the conversion to 230hp but also offer a conversion to 260hp now.
Link to Soloy 182
Personally I find the cost ridiculous.

Wanted: Flight Guides for USA, Caribbean and Mexico

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in preparation for a longer USA, Caribbean and South America trip, I am looking for good flight guides with information on entry requirements and airports, initially for USA and the Caribbean (in particular: Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico).

The flight guides (ebook preferred) should at least provide info on:

- Entry requirements for pax and EASA registered aircraft.
- customs regulations
- Handling: mandatory, if yes, amount of costs
- Amount of overnight parking fees
- Avgas availability and amount of costs
- special rules and procedures
- Arrival and departure options from / to the airport by road

Well known are Flight Guides for the Caribbean e.g. from AOPA or this one:

Are there others? Do you know other good sources? In the further process of course the respective AIP will be used, but for the moment and the rough planning I would like to start with the flight guides.


Epic turboprop

20200705029300507 Avatar Logo 60 Px Angrybird 2 Img 7269 12241613 112207992484209 552464377264469275 n Db0df647 d537 4842 9c7d 24ed2387cff1 8be0f974 c3dc 49b3 a1b0 0e55c53713d3 61905135 832128000498457 6817995836320907264 o Hbdwcavtar Cit mus flt18 hires Img 1186 Serenity 500px Lhe in flight new version G jobs Logo couleur

I have just noticed a full page ad in a Cessna newsletter.

The company went bust a few years ago. Does anyone know the recent history?

The website is now showing just one model – an LT. The Dynasty is gone.

Altimeter Blind Encoder (possible) issue

Lhe in flight new version G ahau sml Ikp

Dear all,

Recently I have been dealing with some issues on my transponder. It shows my altitude with a considerable differance between the altitude that my altimeter reads and the altitude that the transponder shows. Quite often, the ATC reads back my altitude on their radar wrongly and I already had some occasions were they asked me to switch off my transponder’s mode C.

I have been searching a bit and found out that it might be related with some kind of issue on the blind enconder. Before starting to buy a new one or spending some money, I consider doing some troubleshoot:

- Do this kind of equipment need a proper calibration?
- In Europe, does anyone know a shop where I can buy a new one?
- If I buy a new one, do the instalation shop need to do a calibration after the installation?

Just FYI, my blind encoder is this one

My transponder is a trig TT31.

Many thanks for your help!

100UL (merged thread)

Angrybird 2 N41518better 20200705029300507 Primary glider Kendoon02 000avatar09 Img 6493 Comanche seite 5338039634192457442 E78d6ee4 ec10 44c7 9ca5 b2e234b7e092 Photo 2018 01 26 14 17 22 Vlcsnap error114 Img 0194 Ava Px Full sutton 14 aug 16 Lhe in flight new version G otui002 1559483 680065645380170 357406908885464409 o Img 1186 Avatar2 Screen shot 2016 09 28 at 13.48.29 254193 261827783834350 224488170901645 1309528 3065008 n Bfpo

Shell has announced an unleaded 100 octane fuel.

Need to hire something for four adults.

5338039634192457442 20190826 190957 Image

Does anyone know anywhere in or around west London that has a genuine four seater for hire?
I’m thinking Cherokee or C182 or anything along those lines. Happy to get checked out.
Thanks in advance.

There should be a plug and play solid state type encoder. This happened to me and I swapped it out with no wiring changes
Img 2310

Röder in Germany asks 380€ + VAT for this work, considering standard replacement parts, and TAT of 3-5 days.
It’s interesting because it helps determining the ballpark.


Switching between ADAHRS 1/2 doesn’t change anything. All the data on both PFD are similar and correct. That’s why I don’t think the issue is about ADAHRS.

The layers in Windy are just “visualisation tool”, the output data comes from “forecasting models” which are the same used everywhere

It would have been easy if one can build a script that says VMC…

Comanche seite

Then you’ve never flown a Comanche!