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Insurance companies, premiums, exclusions, etc

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I’ve been with a couple of insurers over the last 3-4 years and noticing (as with car and household insurances), that the list of things ‘not included’ is rising, i.e. fewer risks covered – but for seemingly the same premiums . . .

Am I alone in noticing this?

Diverting on an International flight

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Was just enjoying this video here:

Peter wrote:

Another little video. Mali Losinj to Shoreham, diversion to Lydd.

And it dawned on me that though I have made many cross-border flights when flying “on holiday” and have diverted several times during these trips, I have never actually had to divert to a different airport on a flight-plan cross border flight, and certainly not on a flight where Customs/Immigration requirements were in place at the destination. “Common Sense” suggests that you would call up the relevant authorities and tell them what happened and follow instructions etc. However these days finding someone to answer a phone isnt always possible and the rules and regs with such things arent always in line with “common sense”… Then there are the practical aspects of weather improving or aeroplane fixed, and needing to get on your way rather that wait around all day.

There have been several “scare stories” reported 3rd hand etc, but what happens practically? Legally? Especially if the aerodrome you divert to isnt one you have nominated as a diversion aerodrome?

Regards, SD..

Lhe in flight new version

Actually, it is surprising. If an FI lacks the CPL theory, there is a restriction on what (s)he can do with the FI rating. It makes sense that this is visible on the license.
The CB-IR theory in n…


That is not a procedure or technique at least you can’t test it objectively, here is a better one “don’t crash”

This photo shows how we maintained easy access for placement and removal of the oil filter. No tubes or ducts allowed here!

The photo is a bit misleading – there is plenty of room for the part to …

Angrybird 2
Funny, sold my house on Friday. Moving to another house closer to the city center. Some wood working is needed there and a whole no shop to build aircraft in. I’m a bit “into this” stuff ATM. In th…
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It is possible to buy a Global for the money, but then again one has to deal with antique avionics. Looking at Garmin equipped planes, a Citation X+ has more range and more speed. It …

Lhe in flight new version

Obviously. You only cross that line once and if you do you won’t be writing about it.




Awesome, this is world leading stuff.

US Basic Med certification plus FAA Light Sport (no medical) flying is roughly similar in combination, with one huge difference: if you’ve ever failed your 3r…