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Aviosuperfici in Italy threatened by new proposed regulation

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As many of you know, it’s the aviosuperfici (registered, but usually “unlicensed”, non-AIP) airfields that have kept Italian GA sort of alive over the last 20 years.

A few days ago, a first draft of a new regulation for these aviosuperfici has been published. If it gets adopted in anywhere near this initial version, it will severely threaten the existence of most aviosuperfici, and thus of much of the remainder of light Italian GA.

It is here, but obviously only in Italian.

A few snippets:

  • in the introduction they claim that the current regulation (from 2006) has revealed some safety issues over the years. Do tell!
  • it significantly increases the responsibilities and the tasks of the gestore, i.e. the manager of any aviosuperficie. As an example, he has to maintain a website which informs potential users about all its characteristics
  • the gestore has to assure a system or procedures to keep the airfield from animals, persons, etc. during flight operations. This could lead to mean that a fence is required. This would be too onerours for most aviosuperfici
  • the gestore most obtain a qualification paper from ENAC for this role (!). To be renewed every two years.
  • a digital flight movements log must be maintained by the gestore
  • AFAICS, the survey and documentation requirements regarding the runway, approaches, fringe areas etc. are more detailed than previously and the equipment requirements are higher.

It sounds much like someone is trying to kill off this last bit of relative freedom in Italian aviation. But likely it is just another typical CYA exercise of bureaucrats in Rome.

Here is what (likely) is the background story to all this: the Castiadas accident of 2007 (here).
Castiadas is an aviosuperficie in the southeast of Sardinia (I visited in June 2007 and July 2012), where, in August 2007, a Commander 114B crashed, causing the death of 4 people. In 2021 (a mere 14 years later!), the court ruled that the responsibility was 50% with the pilot and 50% with the gestore, the inspectors of ENAC and the president of ENAC. The gestore, an airline pilot was condemned to several years on prison. I don’t know what happened to the involved ENAC inspectors and its president of the time.

The reasons given where something along the lines that the gestore failed to clearly document the characteristics and the threats posed by the location of this airstrip.

The court ruling along is enough to put off people from creating and running an aviosuperficie. That new proposed regulation is merely the document that is aimed at avoiding any future liability for ENAC and its officials.

Of course, I may be wrong and the Castiadas accident is not the main driver behind this.

But in any case, if this goes through, it might severely “change” the GA landscape in Italy. Let’s hope that there are stakeholders in Italy that will be able to

Engine reliability (pistons and turboprops)

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Rotax engine reliability

This was mentioned on another current thread…

I have no personal ownership experience but have heard various stories. Commercial users tend to be less than happy and have mostly reported having abandoned the experiment, while private users tend to report favourably.

How can the two be reconciled?

Misc. electronic conspicuity boxes: Garrecht / Air Avionics / TRX-1500A / Air Connect / PAW / PilotAware / LXnav / PowerMouse / FlarmMouse / Flarm / Uavionix / SkyEcho / SafeSky

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Garrecht / Air Avionics

I will be looking at installing some kind of traffic warning system in my plane in the not too distant future.

Does anybody have any experience with or opinion on this unit by Garrecht which also includes a Flarm transceiver (sailplanes are plentiful where I usually fly)?


All that is required is that the jury buys the argument that the defendants had no brain and believed it, or at least that the prosecution did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that they did in fa…

I don’t readily buy that, especially the components melting. USB-C delivers +5V just like the old USB, on the VBUS pins

That’s why you can get e.g. USB2 to USB-C adaptors or cables.
What USB-C can…


A handful, same in US.
We have actually become very friendly and take turns at helping each other with “onboarding”, advice, spare parts, docs, troubleshooting. Nice bunch of people.
Plus a few m…

I agree. I think most TPs are flown by professional crews or at least by private pilots trained to a professional standard. You don’t just hop in a PC12 and go, as you would with a C172. Certainly …
I imagine they do have a technical reason for protecting their warranty costs, if only ambiguous test data and not a well documented problem, but my point about legality was responding to a precedi…
Not sure Listed is relevant to this, but it might be; Listed is subject to a whole other raft of regs. I doubt it is listed.
Just a few days before he died he attended the D-Day 80 commemorations in Normandy: news article about his flight there.