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Southend EGMC Advice

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I need to drop of a passenger at Southend and need a quick turnaround without sky high fees. Any advice ?

Flying from Montpellier LFMT to Turino LIMF

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Looking for advice on the best route from around Montpellier to Turin airport in a Flight design CTLS (LSA). Was considering going through the Durance valley but not sure how doable it is..

Denmark & Sweden from UK

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First post ‘Hello’

We are going to Denmark & Sweden in a week in our RV7. We have a specific visit to Copenhagen set for a couple of days but nothing else really planned.

So, where are the good places we should fly into? Where should we stay over?
We have a couple of weeks and nothing pressing to get back for :-)

I’d like to visit a couple of air museums. Have done Stauning (which is excellent) but could go again.
Linkoping looks good too?

All & any advice gladly taken



Vienna – Austria, LOAV, LOWW

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Starting a second thread to not go off topic in the fly-in thread to much, regarding the question by @Aviathor .

I am actually from the Vienna Area and flying from LOAV (Vöslau). Therefore I know LOAV best, and also LOXN but this one is not an option being a military field which is not open to the general public. One guy on here is also from LOAN and might be able to add more insights on that and a different perspective. ;) @blueline

There are quite a few GA fields in the Vienna Area, so I am going to list your options:


  • Busy international airport with everything you would expect from that, ILS and so on of course. Massive landing+handling fees (about 200 Eur plus parking), which is the reason why I don’t know anyone who has recently flown there in a SEP plane.
    Might be an option if the weather is sufficiently bad. But I would also consider Bratislava LZIB in that case, there is a direct train connection to LOWW and Vienna from there (approx 1h to Vienna).
  • Best public transport connection to Vienna (about 20min per Train or Bus, use the normal railway and not the CAT, its like a few minutes faster but quite a bit more expensive)
  • Slot required for IFR
  • Parking might be hard to arrange


My new home field, so I know that one best, maybe a bit biased here

  • Larger GA field with 950m bitumen runway, customs+immigration, night and public with opening hours from 0900lcl to 2030lcl each day. IFR Approach (RNAV GNSS) available but might be of limited use with a MDA of 1770ft, which is a height of 1000ft. No instrument departure, Z flightplan only. Fees for landing in the order of 15-35 Eur, (depending on the plane weight and on weekends on the noise category).
  • Public transport into Vienna is possible but a bit more involved, cheapest way is cab to the train station (about 10-15 Eur one way) and then with the train to Vienna. (In total about 45-60m) or directly with the cab to Vienna (have heard about it being 40 Eur one way, but I can not really confirm that number)
  • Parking on the Apron will be easy to arrange and not terribly expensive, hangar might be harder to come by.
  • A bit of a complicated traffic pattern, requires sufficient briefing beforehand than its not an issue. You don’t have to be crazy precise as is the case in some parts of Germany but the reason for that pattern is of course noise abatement and issues with the people living close to the field.


  • Also a larger GA field, 1067m bitumen runway, night. Also has an RNAV GNSS approach with a MDA of 1870ft. Otherwise the same as above applies.
  • Further south of Vienna, similar travel arrangements required, I think there is no really good public transport connection from the field to the train station.
  • Also make sure to follow the procedures as laid out in the Jepp/AIP charts.
  • Generally not open after ECET, might be an issue this time of the year, but possible to arrange one day prior PPR with additional fees.


  • Somewhat smaller GA field, 800m day only. No instr. approach.
  • About the same distance to Vienna as LOAV, also no direct public transport into the city and might be actually a bit more complicated than LOAV and LOAN.
  • PPR open till 30min before ECET.


  • 700m grass, smaller field.
  • Quite good public transport options to Vienna
  • PPR, open till ECET

Concerning LOWS: Never been there myself, but know plenty of people who’ve been there. Is generally GA friendly, can be mighty busy during winter season. In that time of year parking might be hard to arrange (there was an article about that once). If you are only going there for a day trip you might also consider visiting the Red Bull Hangar 7 directly at the field. They can also arrange parking for you at their private apron if you contact them in advance.
Landing fees in the order of (25-50 Eur).

If you have any further questions about the fields, or Vienna just write a message.

All the best

LOXN – what is is used for?


I’m curious about LOXN. Military airfield, but grass runways only? What use does the Austrian airforce have of it? I guess they don’t base their modern fighter/bombers there??? Maybe launching gliders that will “sneakily” go behind invading enemy lines? Early Pilot Training only?


Yes used ones are dirt cheap !
Likely not much these days as you get +20% VAT (TVA in French) and maybe +3% duty on some makes/models ? although, for UK/EU residency changes there is an exemption …

What Robins are you talking about with doors?
Backamo is very nice and friendly but it would be a pain in the ass to get into Gothenburg from there. Säve is probably the best but Borås(ESGE) would be a good option as well where you should be a…

Maybe that is one of the consequences of poor customer service. Customers have a low threshold for getting angry. It will however depend on what business you are in. Industrial B2B they would be p…

@UdoR : It’s typically the wing span which renders roads less usable for gliders in Germany. However, as you mentioned, it really depends in which area your are flying. In the mountains, it may be …
Angrybird 2

Barentsburg is the largest “Russian” city/settlement at Svalbard. One catch though, of the people living there today, only 10% are Russian, the rest are Ukrainians It’s a mining town, and the min…

All I know around for training is Oxford, others cost a fortune.

Try calling them as well?