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How to get the best MPG with a plane?

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We have done this topic in a more specialised way e.g. here and here and then there is the permanent discussion around whether LOP does anything for MPG

Nothing conclusive however, and nothing on techniques where good instrumentation is not available.

A trip to the Alps to get nice photos

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I have done many crossings of the Alps and got many great photos, as well as (more recently) videos with an external camera, but they were just random opportunities, and most of the time there is cloud or haze.

Many years ago, in the days of 35mm film, I did a trip out of Wangen Lachen LSPV, Switzerland, with a local pilot, to Sion and back, and got great photos.

It may be best to fly to say southern France or southern Germany, refuel, stay the night and do a VFR flight the next day, to some preplanned places.

Does anyone have any ideas, and would anyone from “down there” who knows the particularly scenic spots be interested in coming along?

Albergo di Diffuso

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I have just heard about a newish concept in Italy – Albergo Diffuso. Someone buys an old (semi) abandoned hill town and concerts the whole thing into a hotel, with rooms in converted old homes centered around the main reception dining building, hence the “diffuso” bit.

For example this one in the old walled town of Santa Stefano in Abruzzo.

Looks like a really wonderful way to see wilder parts of Italy, support and help revitalise old towns and also healthier than cramming into city hotels.

The only problem for us is that, by definition, these hill towns probably aren’t very close to airfields, given the terrain.

Do any of the Italian experts here know of any Albergo Diffusi which are close to out of the way, Avioportolano style, airfields? (preferably with 700, 800m runway min)

Might be a candidate for a EuroGA fly in!!??





Exactly, grounded almost the entire international fleet. The Australian Government has very strict quarantine, at the moment less than 1000 Australian citizens or other exempt people per day, are …


You should try once. You will realize that you can use the plane for business or vacation
Please check figure 3 on page 18 of that document. It is consistent with what you say about IAS.


Trig TY91/92 and TY96/97, Dittel (now TQ) KRT2 and Becker AR6201 all support both VOX (voice squelch) and PTT (button-controlled intercom) operation. If VOX is selected, voice squelch threshold is…

Lhe in flight new version

No, but looking at the IM’s for the two units it does look identical – except for how the RS232 #1 in/out is labeled in the King IM.

how do they steer this thing? And what kind of engine is that?

Somehow I doubt he meant to land on the grass but rather missed the runway?
It kind of looks like a manta ray… impressive as they are …

Saturday weather was perfect at Inverness EGPE, and the flying school seemed to have all their aircraft flying. I did the LAA Permit Airtest on the Bolkow Junior.

Today, Sunday, I again drove the 5…

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This Sunday was looking grey at our hometown, but nice after midday just 40 minutes of flight away at Gelnhausen. So we decided to put our Kwiggles into the plane and fly to the Kinzig valley, to h…