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Trip advice – Belgium/Flanders and a bit further south

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Hej all,

Me and a flying friend is thinking of visiting Belgium during ascension holiday and would love to get some trip advice. We’ll be flying a C172S and are both IR rated, so IFR airports are always nice but not a requirement, as we are planning for blue skies and warm temperatures during our stay ;)

We will have 1-2 days to explore and since we both are into road biking, we are planning to rent two roadbikes for at least one of the days and do biking. Also, since I haven’t been in those areas before, any WW1/WW2 sites to visit is always interesting.

I found Oostende in some other thread as a good GA choice, but any other suggestions are most welcome! Thanks in advance!


Renewed attempt to visit Sweden

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2 years ago I posted our intention to fly to Sweden for a 5-6 days trip. We received a lot of interesting tips and advices. Because of COVID we sort of last minute canceled the trip, but now it is on again. So maybe you have additional or changed tips? We fly C182, VFR, and are also looking for nice restaurants….

Also I would appreciate tips on fuelling. We fly from Netherlands, and a stop in Germany rather than Danmark was already advised. Very keen to hear your ideas

Is it possible to sit EASA PPL exams online?

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Is there any school in any country that allows you to sit all the 9 EASA PPL written exams online and have those results count towards getting your PPL?
It appears something like this exists for CAA, but was looking for something like that for EASA

Later edit: by online, I mean to sit the exams online, for example from home.

Turbine Legend

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Could this go on an European reg?

650HP Walter engine… interesting and probably relevant as a PT6 alternative. Just about anything is more efficient than a PT6 especially lower down.

Rumour: Toussus LFPN to get customs/immigration from Jan 2020

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This one popped up on UK social media… no more info.

This was promised for Pontoise years ago when that airline from Shoreham to Paris was operating, but nothing happened and the airline shut down.

Lhe in flight new version

You can do the exams online at whatever place is acceptable to the invigilator. (Who must be present.)

Lhe in flight new version

I recommend Stegeborg ESVE. There is a very nice restaurant at a marina some 10 minutes walk from the airfield, also a castle ruin with a garden which makes for an interesting visit. They advertis…

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Now that is a rather theoretical position. We all know that this exam won’t change. There are reasons for any position, but a reason in favor of the actual form of the questions is that it is doabl…

Totally agree. The occasional ramp check notwithstanding, generally the only time this stuff matters is when one needs something from one of the players, such as an insurance claim, a new rating, …

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Thank you all for your feedback,I will get cracking on the theory then and keep digging as I go along.



Stockholm / Skavsta


Stockholm / Ska-Edeby


Stockholm / Vaesteraas


Odense / Hans Christian Andersen


If you fly to the south of Belgium,you have EBSH which is a nice airfield,with very nice people,with renting bicycles,but in the middle of nowhere,really scenic views.

Otherwize Namur (EBNM) and Ch…