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How to reduce the chances of Gmail dumping real emails into spam

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this is a start

In other words, you need to add the sender into your Contacts.

It doesn’t always work… for example a lot of emails from my peter2000 address still get dumped into the spam folder by Gmail – presumably because some people keep telling google that I am spamming

So if e.g. you want EuroGA notifications (e.g. new posts on a thread) to reach you, you should add

into your Contacts.

Also, for mailings regarding fly-ins (we do only a few mailings a year), add

We will also stop future mailings to people who have not signed in for more than about a year. I believe that will also help with the spam mis-identification issue.

Other ISPs have different ways of identifying a “trusted sender”. For example Virgin UK has a specific config. Some others will whitelist anybody that you send an email to, which makes perfect sense.

Fuel at Cannes LFMD

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There was a discussion a few weeks ago under some other title about whether fuel is available at Cannes LFMD.

Summary: yes, 100LL is still available.

There is a NOTAM that says the 100LL pumps are unavailable. That is true – there is some kind of refurbishment going on. But right next to them there is a fuel truck (as described in another NOTAM). You just pull up alongside it and the helpful guy inside sets everything up for you – though you still have to pump the fuel yourself.

NAA/CAA action against a pilot upon declaring a mayday – fiction?

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From here

Just a general note: There is reluctance or even fear of declaring emergency for whatever reason due to „the consequences“ – this is perpetuated in many forums. „Violation, investigation etc..“
There are none. Declaring an emergency and landing somewhere has no consequences. It’s a non event. At the most, a short written statement is all that follows. Not declaring emergency, and e.g. running out of fuel and crashing is what has consequences.

Almost all hassle in GA comes down to airfield politics

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We had a little debate on this on the Tuesday Zoom meetup recently.

If you ask pilots privately where their main aircraft operating hassles are, it seems to always come down to “ground politics” e.g.

  • the maintenance company is the only one for many miles and if they want to spend a month on your Annual, there is nothing you can do
  • the maintenance company owns the whole site and if you use another one, they will make your life hard
  • the airport has a deal running with a maintenance company and if you are seen using a freelance EASA66 the maint co. will complain
  • etc

Basically the whole Part-ML freelance maintenance concession is wasted, via the application of “ground politics”. And of course almost nobody can post this stuff openly. But this is why people on the N-reg, using a freelance A&P/IA, are unlikely to ever move to a local reg.

I think one could have a valuable debate on how to deal with this stuff.


Oh puleeeze – do you really want to introduce more regulations? You guys are discussing on this very board how regulations are strangling GA in Europe and here you call for MORE? Seriously? All th…

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What they omit to tell you is that there is still only 1 BP refueller per shift and they are now allocated to both the temporary Avgas truck and the usual JETA-1 provision. I’ve recently experience…
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Austin really gets a lot of street cred from me. I’ve emailed him a couple of times and he always responded.
Terrifying and miracle at same time !

I wonder if they had 3D LPV? or autopilot? METAR was 1+1/4SM and 200ft overcast, going 2D LNAV would have been too brave and optimistic by all measures: the pl…


Mooney book numbers are actually slightly better than that, though one might argue about the number of seats.

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@Capitaine Hello Capitaine, sorry for my late answer – I didn’t “watch” this thread and was unaware of your question until today.

The DR253 is indeed the next model after the 250, featuring a nosew…

Petit prince 2
MedEwok wrote

A heartwarming video; thank you for posting. It worked in the UK and I even understood some of it with my schoolboy German 😀

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Ive flown into LOWK IFR. From the east you dont have MEAs that are at most planes service ceiling. It sits in a wide valley. One downside you need 45-50 mins to get to the Hotel and slopes. Ck out …