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Socata TB20 – 2000h major inspection

I‘m interested in a really well maintained TB20 which has just 25h left till the 2000h major inspection.
How much should I expect for that roughly?

Is it a big job to replace the hinge of the trim tab? Two of them do have some play.


Cirrus BRS / chute discussion, and would you REALLY pull it?

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Of course it is impossible to judge, we never can from a distance, least of all with the scant information available. Yet I can’t help wondering: in that flat terrain, was a “normal” deadstick landing not possible? wouldn’t it have offered better chances for survival?

Still, everybody survived, and that’s what matters above all else.

My new toy – PLB

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Got my Christmas gift today. Programmed and registered

It’s a Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 (long name). This was the smallest I could find, and it was also one of the cheapest, so I just ordered without thinking more about it. And it is real small indeed, not much larger than a match box.

Why a PLB? Well:

  • I don’t think those ancient ELTs will work particularly well in a practical situation anyway
  • Will work on the ocean, while hiking in the mountains and when flying

I fly in desolate areas, often during winter, and if I have to do an emergency landing, then pinpoint location is the only thing that really works. I hope I never will use it, but if I have to, I sure will have my selfie stick ready for YouTube (not likely, I plain such at anything “camera” anyway )

I wonder if someone else here also have a PLB for flying?

FAA to EASA conversion in France, based on the TIP-L BASA treaty

20200705029300507 Img 7269

France has published a handy checklist for converting FAA → EASA:

Direct PDF link

Local copy

So, France is saying they will not extend the derogation beyond June 2022.

ECAC Status for homebuilt / experimental (flight privileges within Europe)

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US Experimental travelling around Europe

Hello everybody,

I’m new to this forum. WarleyAir, who I met at the first day of the AERO in Friedrichshafen encouraged me to join here, after I was only a silent reader for some time.

I’m a part owner of a Jabiru J400 Experimental. Now I’m wondering if some of you have experience with travelling around in Europe on US Experimental plane.
The plane is based in Germany, we have it registered via a Trust and have a Permit to Fly in Germany which is free and allows operation on 180 days of the year.
My question is how the permit to fly is handled in other countries – what it costs, what the restrictions are and other specialities.

Perhaps together we can gather a small list here, which might me interesting for other experimental owners too.

Unfortunately my only contribution is:
Germany – no costs, max 180 days, more information: Link


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Anybody have a list of OEMs that produce

Not distributors, but producers.

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Some fun formation flying just before sunset
Well, it depends. Yes the main roads are cleared well. But…

in Cervinia, the last ~500m to the ski-in/ski-out apartment I normally stay in (off the market, so totally flexible) is solid snow/ice …


I have not flown to Colmar yet but if flying with family that combination with L2K will not disappoint, add Cannes in south-east of France you have a jackpot !

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An experienced examiner, and it goes with the profession that they are usually testing complete strangers, conducted an initial IR check-ride. The young candidate went through the test with reason…


Some years ago (2007) during the search for missing Steve Fossett, the various search parties, notably the Civil Air Patrol, found an amazing number of airplanes that had crashed years and decades…

20190826 190957

You need to be vaccinated too, no? At least you did when I came over last year.