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Trig TY91 noise

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I have recently installed a TY91 in my homebuilt project but have an annoying background noise issue. Trig have been very helpful and initially sent me a service exchange unit, which made no difference, and more recently have had my whole setup in their workshop.

I have refitted the unit, complete with new harness, but the noise is still there. As they say, once the engine is running I might not be able to hear it (although I disagree) but what if I were flying a glider? Has anyone else had this problem?

France introduces a law mandating 12 year support for products

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From here

There was a new law introduced un France this year which makes it obligatory for manufacturers to support all products for a period of 12 years. Whether it would be any use in this particular incidence, I don’t know but paying the euro to the justice department might be a good way to find out.

Useful Annex I qualifying historical aircraft

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Here in Ireland, we can import historic aircraft and operate them on a permit to fly system administered by ILAS. This is unlike the UK where you cannot import additional historic aircraft and put them on the register to be operated on a permit. The qualifying definition is:

These are aircraft falling into one or more of the categories below:

  • historic aircraft meeting the following criteria:*
  • aircraft whose:*
    — initial design was established before 1 January 1955, and
    — production has been stopped before 1 January 1975;
  • aircraft having a clear historical relevance, related to:*
    — a participation in a noteworthy historical event, — a major step in the development of aviation, or — a major role played into the armed forces of a Member State

There is a list of the current types approved for permits to fly here –

Are there many interesting and useful aircraft that are not on the above list? I am always looking out for overlooked and unloved aeroplanes. I have a winter project to play with and optimize, but am always planning ahead. If a type has capability beyond hopping the hedges on a fine summer’s evening, then that makes them better again.

Austro E4/E4P emergency AD

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EASA has issued an emergency AD for Austro E4/E4P engines with cylinder heads P/N E4A-12-500-000. It says:

Occurrences were reported of HPP [high pressure pump] driving gear failure. Subsequent investigation determined that a certain batch of HPP driving gears was produced with a worn out assembly tool P/N AE300T012-1. Those HPP driving gears may have been damaged during assembly. Concurrently, it was determined
that, for engines equipped with a certain cylinder head, a stack up of tolerances exists between the cylinder head, cylinder head cover, camshaft gear and HPP gear. Both scenarios could result in premature HPP gear failure.
This condition, if not corrected, could lead to engine in-flight shut-down with consequent forced landing, possibly resulting in damage to the aeroplane and injury to occupants.

An inspection of the HPP gears is required before the next flight (except for engines with less than 40 hours total time on singles or less than 80 hours on twins).

INTL tag in AIP AD 1.3


This was mentioned here as indicating “international” airports, or ports of entry.

Is this a common thing? For the UK, I can’t find any such tag. France publishes ports of entry in a separate government list, or maybe the EU does? Many URLs have been posted over the years.

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