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Is it necessary for an elevator / horizontal stabiliser to produce a down force?

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This is the classic “force diagram” taught in GA, and is used to explain why the centre of gravity must be in front of the centre of lift of the wing.

I have spoken to some airline pilots over the years who said this is not the case on a big jet, and that it is quite normal for the THS (trimmable horizontal stabiliser) to exert an UP force (and then the training-edge surfaces provide a positive or negative control around that).

I can’t see any reason why the conventional HS in GA should be confined to a DOWN force. There is no obvious discontinuity in the transfer function of HS AoA versus HS lift, around the zero lift point.

The extent of the variable elevator downforce is used to achieve the horizontal extent of the loading envelope – together with a specified Vs etc.

1000 USD dollar landing fees proposed in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Senate, bill no 2305. An Act to mitigate the climate impact of private and corporate air travel.

Section 51O. An airport commission governing a municipal or county owned airport or the board of directors of the Massachusetts port authority shall assess a climate impact landing fee of not less than one thousand dollars on personal aircraft, corporate owned aircraft and charter rental aircraft each time that any such an aircraft is to
land at an airport in the commonwealth.

Dispatch Rate

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Looking over my records, I was astonished to realize I had a 100% despatch rate in 2017 flying VFR only. Now I didn’t fly a lot (about 73 hours—the plane was down months for maintenance and avionics upgrades) but most of it was international cross countries. Yes, there were times I delayed departure a few hours. I will also fly marginal VFR when conditions are improving. But there was not a single trip I planned to take which I didn’t. (Jan-Feb and June-July were the months I did not fly.)

I flew my simple SEP to multiple Greek islands, Sicily, Croatia, Venice, Germany, throughout the Balkans, etc. So maybe there is more utility in VFR than the IFR propagandists on this board are willing to admit?

Typically I planned flights weeks in advance. I do recall thinking several times (esp in the Fall) “wow, I lucked out again with the weather.”

Iridium Weather Apps


there is the great Iridium Go support by Sebastian.

In the past the AeroPlus weather App also worked acceptable with the Go. Seems as if no longer supported?!

Apart from those apps: are there any other (advicable) aviation weather apps that works acceptable with the low bandwith of Iridium?


Flugleiter in Germany – pointless?

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From here

One person with a fire extinguisher can make the difference between five lucky survivors or five burnt victims.

Even if we could cite one or more instances of this actually happening, I’m sure that the German “flugleiter” control-freakery has killed more than it has saved, specifically by creating a psychological barrier to precautionary landings.

This lethal rule fosters the mindset of carrying on regardless of CFIT risk, instead of setting down in the nearest suitable field and waiting for bad weather to pass.

When it's time to change the battery?

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My Concorde RG-35AXC battery is due for a replacement after about 5 years. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, it cracks as a new one and I never had any issue starting so far.

Using a battery tester, I can see a 490 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), while the battery is rated for 450 CCA.

Do I really need to change it only because is it’s due time, or should I wait for any signs of degradation? Of course I have some issues with inconsistent voltage/amperage indications in flight, that maybe can be credited to a bad battery, but I could as well buy a new voltage regulator, and alternator, and so on, that wouldn’t be too economical.

What do you think? Is there any golden rule on when should the battery be replaced, if the regulations don’t specifically force you to buy a new one?

In the UK, you have to PPR but no need for someone to be present

If you cancel your PPR today, you will need to call tomorrow for a “new PPR”, I was told such that they will give me the new values…

Angrybird 2

I’m not sure I get it either, but let’s consider a different view. It’s all about the center of lift vs the center of gravity, but such an approach doesn’t really explain why the tail lifts downwa…

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To the OP -

You bought an aircraft and then did two pretty deep tasks.
a) Changed Registry
b) Panel Upgrade
Compare this to having bought an aircraft say on N register that didn’t need an upgrade, …

What glider have you been invited to fly? Between your leg is not usually a good location. Seldom any fixing points. Most likely location are a tube space typically fitting a GErman steel bottle ne…
Maoraigh, thanks so much for your input – I had actually come to the same conclusion and will be calling on Monday.

I will of course post the outcome of this enquiry!

20190826 190957
The Pipistrel electic aircraft works (just about, endurance <1hr) because it is just about possible to work around the weight issues with a particular configuration – that of the two-seat ultral…
Hi all,

Many thanks for your advice and apologies for my late response/lack of feedback. Work just exploded the days after I sent this so just coming back to life again :-)
It seems that it’s a bit…