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Takeoff crashes more common?

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From here

Lots of takeoff crashes these days. Although not Diamond, here is another terrible one: ASN

Which countries don't require flight plans for VFR border crossing, and in which scenarios?

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I have been taught that you need to be under a flight plan when crossing borders. This is VFR.

Last friday, I was flying between France and Switzerland. After take off I contacted ATC (Geneva information) to activate my flight plan. The operator told me that they could not find it. I asked if I could file one in the air and it was refused. At that moment I really hesitated. I was about to go back to my starting point when they called and said that they finally “found” my flight plan.

What would you do in this situation ? How much trouble can you get into when crossing border without a flight plan ?

What have you done with, or on your aircraft, this week-end? (23-24 September 2023)

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Unless some tempting mission pops up for tomorrow, no flying this WE… but RC this afternoon.

OTOH I had intended replacing my VM1000 engine monitor for some time, the goal being the ability to extract data for trouble or trend analysis. The old VM1000 is now close to 20 years old, and starting to show it’s age as the LCD screen started dying a couple of days ago… hopefully to hold good enough to attend that famous coming EuroGA fly-in
Since I’m a Garmin man, I had ordered a new EIS/map in the form of a G3X GDU470 touchscreen to complement the rest of my panel, and a big box containing all the necessary hardware is sitting next to me as I write these words. Drawing the new schematics and preparing the installation requires a few hours, the implementation itself will probably take 1-2 weeks at my leisurely pace.

Diamonds are falling from the sky :-(

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Diamond DA62 D-IRAY crashed in France:

Diamond DA50 OO-HAN crashed in Netherlands:

And last month DA42-VI OE-FVG landed OEI after suffering engine failure caused with HP pump failure, pieces of pump gear teeth found all over the engine.

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LFMP VAC is very complete.

The airport seem to have put a gate with a code to get back in. Very easy.
The only thing I don’t understand how to get JET A1. @bogivara recently typed a pirep, he must …

I wonder what they would do if you arrive 1010UTC?

Not risking it; they may well do just about anything even if the runway is totally empty.

Cri Cri come up for sale regularly here. Usually at about €15000 including trailer to transport it.

I love them to bits.
A pal here has 2 of them plus a single engined Velocity. Really nice lookin…


Maybe the best thing about Sedona airport other than the scenery is that there’s a hotel directly across the street. Prices there like all US hotel prices have gone up a lot but on the scale of a…

Frame 26
Piggybacking this so I don’t open a separate topic.

Assuming “VFR radiotelephony practical test” (as FOCA calls it) and Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s License (FRTOL) are the same:
I found this w…

Hmm… I like west of Cuneo better than my original plan to the east of Turin. Thank you.

I’m certain I can make it around LIR64 to the west and then I’ll see whether we can go directly north or whet…

In Germany a pilot can decide to do a Sicherheitslandung anywhere if he feels that it will be safer to land on a suitable surface like a road or a field than to stay in the air. It’s a landing wher…
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Similarly, when I learned to fly one of the exercises before going solo was a simulated engine failure just after takeoff, at about 50’, and included full-stop landing on the remaining runway. Is …