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Where to find EASA (or UK post-brexit) regs?

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In a rare moment of altruism, I thought I'd add a reference to a Wikipedia article, pointing to the SERA.

I originally downloaded it as a PDF file of the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union from somewhere on EUR-Lex, but now I can't seem to find it again…

Since the Official Journal is maybe a bit too deep into the official publications, I wondered if there is a better web site, which is still "official" (EUROCONTROL, EASA?) but more oriented towards actual use by pilots?

Ideally, the site should have the various translations neatly organised together (for all its faults, EUR-Lex at least uses the same numbering system across all languages).

Where do you guys get new European docs (SERA, FCL, etc.?)

Has Cryogenics merits for piston engine overhaul?

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People cryo-freeze their body, hoping to be revived at some later point in time, to achieve immortality. That same concept is now applied to piston engines, for example by Victor Aviation. The goal is not to achieve engine immortality, but longer engine life time. Observed changes include: Stress relieve, increased resistance to abrasion, change in vibrational damping, anecdotal evidence of changes in heat transfer, stabilization of metals to reduce warping under heat, stress, and vibration. That sounds all like music to my ears, but is it true? I have never heard of cryo-feezing an aircraft piston engine until now, and my first thought was that this is all marketing BS. But after digging deeper into it, I am not so sure anymore. The owner of Victor Aviation, Victor Sloan, contributed to Low Temperature Materials Mechanism, and cryogenics appears to be used in car racing.

Some literature and sources:
Cryogenics Explained – Hekimian Racing Engines
Discovery Channel Next Step : Cryogenics!
Aircraft Engine Overhaul – Victor Aviation -
ColdFacts – Magazine of Cryogenetic Society of America


METAR interpretation – direction in visibility?

000avatar09 Lhe in flight new version Photo 342491


The following METAR was just released for ESMS.

ESMS 031550Z 34004KT 9999 3000W NSC 04/02 Q1021 R17/19//95

I’ve never seen this before, I read it as >10km visibility but 3km to the west (from where the fog is rolling in, I can see it happening out my window :) )

This is certainly new to me, but is it common in Europe?

Ex-Factory Option "Partial De-Ice Plumbing" T210R – How to activate it?

20200705029300507 Img 6094 2 Cw avatar041

Hi there,

I understand it is technically possible to install boots on a C210 which did not have these off the factory. Commercially – anybody having an indication on how much money that would mean give or take? TKS installation costs somwhere between 40.000 and 45.000 USD as a reference.

Thanks :)

Technology and computers and how good everything was in the old days

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From here

I think a lot of it is cultural, and it’s not just in aviation. You only have to compare the European driven ISO/OSI networking system (failed) with the American TCP/IP (wild success). ISO/OSI was burdened with rigid, complex rules, and if you wanted the documentation so you could implement it, you had to pay out vast sums of money. If you wanted the RFCs for the Internet…well, you just downloaded them for free. Europe generally has a bit of a fetish for burdensome, bureaucratic and inflexible rules and it’s seen in many activities, where the US will have a much more practical and pragmatic ruleset, and the European equivalent will be more restricted and less flexible.

Unfortunately, people often make the mistake that “lots of inflexible rules” are good rulemaking, when in reality all they are is burdensome.

Yoke and pedal forces and behaviour for flight simulator force feedback setup

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Hello! hope you are doing fine.
Ive recently finish building a rather powerful set of force feedback pedals based on real GA Twin pedals.
Also im about to finish the Yoke as well.
It consists of BLDC motors and controllers for each axis. This is all controlled via some code and interacts with the flight simulator which is X-Plane
At the moment ive written some code that interacts with the flight simulator, and basically changes the forces on the controls based on speed. The faster you are going the stiffer they get.
Im happy with the result, is much better than the more common ‘spring’ loaded setup.
However i would like to improve it. They are always straight , and that is not realistic in my opinion.
these are the 3 basic parameters i can modify:
1) position of the axis, aka move the axis to a desired position
2) Position Gain, aka how much it will resist to changes in position from the desired position. the higher this value the higher the force will be to center it back
3) velocity gain. aka how much it will resist to changes in velocity, this would be something similar to ‘viscosity’ (aka moving your hand in water versus air)

Im looking for advise on the behaviour of the controls, and how the world/events affect them. (mostly GA, single/twin prop piston and turboprop)
for example
> on some planes on the ground the elevator will move all the way forward due to the weight of the elevator. When you pick up speed the elevator will center itself.
> on some light planes wind gusts will move the ailerons on the gound
> on single engine airplanes on takeoff when you apply full power the right rudder seems to be much stiffer than the left one
> on twin engine airplanes with one failed engine one pedal seems to be much stiffer than the other one.
> when you taxi over grass/bumps the pedals will move according to those bumps

Im looking for ANY advise on these kind of effects, and some guidance of the behaviour of the controls. Ideally coming from real world flight experience
I will try to program these into my code to for a more realistic experience.

Thanks a lot!!!

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I can’t imagine they are legal even in non 8.33 countries – is there anywhere where a 360 channel radio is still legal?
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I’d love to know where they get that “is legally obliged to give the authorities the details of the pilot flying” from. There’s nothing I’ve seen in the ANO.
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Because English is kind of a universal language. Nearly everyone who is from a non-English speaking country who learns a second language will learn English, so English still has by a vast margin, …

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Not so in software – the gravy train is still going.

We’d be running BSD instead. Linux had three things going for it: an accident of timing (BSD was mired in a lawsuit, but Linux was not ‘geneti…

Vlcsnap error114
That depends on the specific flight limitations with which the PtF is issued. This can vary greatly, depending on several factors (conformity to design, progress of certification, etc.) Usually a P…
yeah – the merger confused me also a bit but am up to it again

So the initial thread was when we were considering the plane – now it is ours and I have more facts about the equipment installed to…


If your tanks are full and the counter shows 58L, can you tell them to just dump 2L on the tarmac?

I am finding some strange stuff in the way SBAS is being reported by this GPS.

The standard GGA sentence shows no SBAS

The proprietary PUBX00 sentence shows a differential fix

The proprietary PUB…