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Pre-1989 Piper Malibu

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i am looking for infos for pre 89 Malibu with Conti 520 turbo engine
any real life infos, performance, generlinfos etc

many thanks

Take off in the dark…

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I should know this most likely :-), but on an aerodrome (non controlled) with no lighting aids but no indication of day only, am I legal if I take off at “night”?
edit : I should specify I am an IFR pilot on an IFR flight plan, but who would take off non-controlled and activate the flight plan as I always do in the air… Do have the night rating etc…

Vacate runway without taxi clearance

Euroga Petit prince 2 5338039634192457442 Lhe in flight new version Pilot Hbdwcavtar Cq small 000avatar09 Img 1114 Cit mus flt18 hires Angrybird 2 From votec first solo 20200705029300507 Img 6493

Inspired from one of the posts in the ‘biggest mistake’ thread I would like to ask for your opinions and experience. Similar to the post in the other thread, I once was friendly but firmly told off over radio for not vacating the RWY quickly enough at EDDH. The situation was the following: As I’m in the process of getting familiar with EDDH as my homebase I try to play by the (informal) rules and act proactively to minimise the workload the controllers have with us from the local club. That time it didn’t work out. I landed short on the 05 to vacate via the first taxiway, but hesitated to vacate because I didn’t get a clearance/instructions as usual. Instead I carried on very slowly, as I just had put on the breaks for making it on to the first taxiway without tires squealing. You can guess the rest, first I was quickly reminded to vacate asap and afap (as fast as possible) and after making it onto the taxiway the explanation followed. Fair enough and in hindsight quite face palm worthy.

My question now is, until where are you actually expected and allowed to vacate? Are these situations common where you don’t receive any taxi instructions after landing but are expected to actually pass the holding point onto a taxiway without clearance?

Solar panel for trickle charging the battery


This is extremely effective with low use cars. Also there have been various cases of cars with a defect (the Merc A-Class being one; we used to have one) which causes a few hundred mA to be drawn constantly (related to central locking AFAIK).

A normal size lead acid battery self discharges at a rate of roughly 50mA and even a very small panel, say 30×30cm, would compensate for that, even in daylight.

There are flexible panels available. I used to travel with a roll-up one – link – and that would do vastly more; it would charge a flat battery in half a day, enough to start the engine. So with some self adhesive variant one could glue it on the outside.

With no aerodynamic impact I doubt there would be certification issues, so long as you had a properly done battery connection (a fuse in the +ve cable, close to the battery) and disconnected it during flight.

Flying & Biking in central Italy

Img 1474 Img 6493 E78d6ee4 ec10 44c7 9ca5 b2e234b7e092 8f5a243d c1c5 4bdb 993d bf53040ecf34 P1040831 Nuccio

another small personal contribution to promote the beauty of flying…

Beech bonanza v35

Sorry perhaps I misunderstood. I do not get your point?

Beech bonanza v35
The only comment I would make is be very, very careful. The Spanish system is not straightforward (AESA). I have a contact in Barcelona who looks after my affairs. Happy to give you his detail on P…
K is also used in The Netherlands

Yes, thanks for the correction. I mixed introductory flights with fi with flights to promote aerial sports.

Img 2310

It is not really about terrain hazard, rather an alert that you deviating from the procedure.
If my calculation is right, 0,7 degree 5nm from threshold, gives 370ft. Maybe we were not low enough. …

Gen ewokz

A more dangerous virus would wreak total havoc with humanity and civilisation as we know it.
SARS-CoV2 is our “trial pandemic”. It exposed a total lack of preparedness in almost all nations of the…

N65lv small
Remove humidity by condensation, the black max uses this technology I think.