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FAA Coleal Interpretation


This has been mentioned here previously a couple of times, by @jacko.

US AOPA article

Relating to FAR 43.3:

…preventive maintenance Part 91 pilots are permitted to do is not limited to the 31 items on the list.
That means that if you want to change a burned-out post light lamp, it can still be considered preventive maintenance. I would consider changing a post light lamp to be no more difficult, complex, or risky than changing a landing light or nav light (both of which tasks are on the list), so what reason could the FAA have for not considering it to be preventive maintenance?
Similar logic would seem to apply to repairing faulty nav light or strobe light wiring, which is not on the list even through repairing landing light wiring is on the list. How could one of these reasonably be considered preventive maintenance and the others not be?
You get the idea. Given what the FAA said in the Coleal letter, if you do something not on the list that’s similar to something that is on the list and no more difficult, complex, or risky, you have an FAA letter of interpretation to point to should your action ever be challenged. Contrary to conventional wisdom – which might have been valid prior to 2009 but no longer is – you’re not limited to the 31 items on the list.

This is potentially quite useful.


Threads going off topic

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We had a bit of a “debate” about this recently.

I normally let this go because it makes for a much more interesting discussion. Almost any topic has multiple angles and one thing leads to another, and it’s all good fun.

However sometimes we get a total digression into some other area which has no relevance at all to the original thread.

In the interests of keeping EuroGA a really neat and informative resource: could I ask people to please start a new thread when that happens and when it looks like the diversion has some “meat” in it which is worth a discussion.

I can’t do it myself because

  • obviously I don’t read the site 24/7 (I have a life and fly here and there too )
  • currently I can’t move individual posts from one thread to another (a new software is coming soon which will allow me to do that)
  • I start too many threads already

Many thanks for everyone’s help.

LSPG endangered of closure

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Some sad news from Switzerland. The little airfield Kägiswil (LSPG), with a 780 m asphalt runway located in Central Switzerland, is currently endangered of closure. After I heard this information from a non-flying local, I also saw a topic on the Swiss flight forum on this matter with a similar source. It seems that not so many people are aware of the current status, even the Swiss aeroclub (AeCS) is not talking much about the matter in public, and AOPA Switzerland is also extremely quiet.

Currently, Kägiswil (which is not part of the Swiss AIP or VFR manual) is going through a conversion process from a former military airfield towards a licensed civil airfield. This process needs to be finished by the end of this year. If not, the airfield seems to getting closed. This is extremely sad, as it is the only real GA field in the neighborhood, since Alpnach, Emmen and Meiringen are strictly military only, and Buochs (LSZC) is for Pilatus and business aviation. Kägiswil has also quite a few active flying clubs, covering both powered flying and gliding.

Back in 2013, the local communities/residents saved the airfield in a referendum with a big majority (62,4%) for getting sold towards the canton. This was understood as a clear support in favor of the airfield’s existence. Nonetheless, it seems that the conversion process is now getting stuck and that might be the end of this beautiful pearl in the Swiss Alps.

Maybe someone else from Switzerland has more information on this matter? It seems that the topic on the Swiss forum doesn’t get feedback, however, it seems pretty serious. Let’s hope the opposite!

Public sources (German language):

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Indirect aviation use of a smart watch. Heart rate during a flight.

Helpful for apple watch data export:…


Troyes / Barberey


Cannes / Mandelieu




Hey @Emir, though not directly involved, and whatever the outcome, thanks!

This guys, is the EuroGA spirit

“Even if a pilot license is not affected, your airport pass probably will be. In the UK I don’t know of any GA-usable airport which operates an airport pass but there may be some.”

I have an Airsid…

We’ve had so many posts about these and new ones keep popping up.

Most seem to be in France. Most but not all is related to immigration+customs requirements and the PN for these.
La Rochelle LFBH –…

A lot of people are contacting me re: French R/T as the summer flying season begins, so I put together a little video outlining some of the basics.

There is also an article on my site here: https:/…

It’s supposed to be a list of International airports which are not necessarily Ports of Entry.