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Does FAA ATP include SEP privileges, and EASA SEP to FAA SEP

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1. Those of you who holding both EASA and FAA valid licenses, and are exercising IR/SEP privileges on your SEP N-reg airplanes (FAA license based on EASA part-FCL. PPL privileges only), based on your valid EASA IR/SEP, do you in fact have the IR and the SEP endorsed on your FAA license or only on your EASA part-FCL?

Deauville LFRG – where to park?

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Notam as GA Parking on Golf (grass) is closed until 29 April, planing on going on the 27th for one night,
Any idea on where I will be able to park.
I can’t find a email address for the airport to ask.

Exchange Autopilot options for a TB20

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I’ve question to the experts,
I’d like to get an autopilot like KFC 225 with Vertical Speed operating.
My present equipment is KC191, GNS 550, Sandel 3308 without
VS- operating mode.
Is it possible to exchange the AP?
Is there a better way to get VS-mode?
How much is it for a TB 20? Is it worth to do it?
Can I take a used item ?
Thanks in advance , Thomas

FAA stopping FAA checkrides, and other DPE services, outside the US, except for US citizens

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Another topic related to FAA and EASA!!!

I have heard from a friend of mine that is an FAA DPE (Examiner) in USA, that FAA is stopping any FAA Examiner to do check rides in Europe unless it is for US citizens.

FAA Order 8000.95A Page 3-8 local copy

3. Designated Examiners Abroad.
a. FAA Airman Certificate Exams.
A DPE, Admin PE, or SAE may be authorized to serve at locations outside the United States, provided the testing activities serve U.S. citizens abroad that were trained under part 61 or 141 only for an FAA airman certificate.

This limitation is in place requested from EASA.

This must mean the FAA DPE in Europe (based in LFAT) will be out of job!!!

KFC 150 / KC192 will not initiate test

Img 7269 20200705029300507

Staring approximately one year ago pressing the TEST button on the KFC 150 / KC192 would intermittently result in the test not initiating. On some occasions later during the flight pressing the test button would result in the test proceeding and completing, after which the autopilot seems to work fine (to the extent \I have used it). I have searched this forum and have also read the KFC related material on – a mine of information but the specific failure mode I am experiencing does not seem to be referred to. The optimist in me hopes it might simply be a defective test button. Does anyone have a similar experience or any other ideas as to what the cause might be or how the cause may be determined?

Overvoltage spike troubleshooting

Ava Img 4779 20200705029300507

Hello all,

We had once or twice the alternator got offline in cruise then back online after switch off then on.
It seems to be a spurious or not overvoltage protection.
To troubleshoot this intermittent failure, what could cause an overvoltage spike in the circuit? The alternator itself? The regulator itself? Any équipement? How?

Thank you


This is brilliant.
I´ve contacted the Atlanta FSDO, seeking to convert my EASA SEP class rating onto my FAA license.
The part that is not clear to me, is what you mentioned in bracket “(other tha…

Maybe that’s because Rouen used to be on a POGO. I’ve never found out what it stood for but they are short IFR hops between Paris airfields and those nearby.
Lhe in flight new version

Indeed, but it doesn’t say that you should cruise between 5000 and 5500 rpm. Neither does Rotax Service Letter SL-912-016.

Fernando pic0004
@roznet this is a gold nugget! I love flysto. I’m very grateful for this.
Photo 2018 01 26 14 17 22
Does anyone know if Croatia is applying this regulation? @Emir?

With Croatia now in Schengen, it is possible to fly direct from smaller Swiss airfields to places in Croatia like Losinj and Brac. Bu…


My costs to do the same on a plane with a four cylinder Lycoming were as follows:
Prop overhaul – $4500 (MT CS 3-Blade, by American Propeller, removed and replaced myself)
Prop balancing – free (A…

Lhe in flight new version
This is a well-known ambiguity in the use of the word “and”…
Why does the POH (and many other sources) suggest a cold start with ICO (after priming with full rich) ?

I’ve read and been advised by others to keep it full rich during cranking for a cold start f…