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Luxembourg ELLX as a GA destination

Similarly to my previous question regarding Zurich:

I’ve recently driven through Luxembourg on a trip from the south of Germany to Belgium and noticed I liked what I saw. I have never actually spent TIME in Luxembourg and I think a weekend trip is due. Ideally, I’d fly there of course, so my question is:

How suitable is Luxembourg ELLX as a GA destination, VFR flight, C172, not very experienced pilot?


Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

Hi Rhino,

ELLX is highly recommended. Very professional and service oriented personnel. We do quite a bit of VFR flying into ELLX and when you fly the published approaches they take you by the hand from DIK. Don’t be surprised when they ask you to taxi on the right because of oncoming GA traffic. We have an account with them and then landing a C182 is €6.10. Fuel is around 2€/ltr. and you can self service with VISA or EC. It only gets expensive when you take the bus.


I’m confused. Last year I was at ELLX with an SR20 and paid 60 EUR. We were there less than 2 hours and there was no place to get food without calling a tai. We could have walked 20 minutes around the airport to the main terminal but skipped that.

Frequent travels around Europe

Hi Stephan,

No need for a taxi – you could also take the bus to the city.Link
The huge difference is when you require handling or not. When fly into LUX more often it may be worth calling operations about an account. They’re rather hesitant about this..


Hi mrfacts
Arriving IFR under 2T do you have to have handling and is a slot required.

No slots required, either VFR or IFR. ELLX has very little traffic.

The handling is required (triggering the handling fee) as soon as you need to pay a landing fee on-site or want to leave the airport.

Some clever people (who regularly fly there for fuel… ) have a landing fees account and the telephone number of the Luxfuel station. After parking (usually the GA apron at P5), they call the fuel man (on the phone) and then leave again straight after refuelling. If you ask the tower (via radio) to call the fuel man, he will say “please call the handling for that”…

The low landing fees at ELLX have historical reasons. AFAIR, the place was once owned by the local GA crowd, which therefore retains a big role in the management of the airport to this day. Hence the low landing fees and hence the rather vibrant local GA scene. The solution to deter the (non-local) puddle-jumpers from flying in all day long was the introduction of the handling fee.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

My employer’s head office is in Luxemburg. Could I avoid handling by parking at the GA Apron and being collected by a colleague who would then return me to the main terminal to pay landing fees (if not there, where?) and then bring me back to my plane?

EDL*, Germany

I requested a handling quote at ELLX Luxembourg airport and got a reply with the handling pricelist. See below. Is there a way to avoid the handling fees or get a reduced fee?

Update: I got some more info from the handling company.

The total price tag for a DA40 for landing + 1 night stay:

- Handling: 60EUR
- Landing: 6,10 EUR
- Parking 2,50 EUR

So just under 70EUR in total. Which is acceptable given that the airport is 24H and has ILS on both runways. Fuel is very cheap: JetA1 is 0,56€/liters until October 31st.

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