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Sharing a Jeppesen (IFR) e-chart subscription

okay, thank you both for this answer ;)

LFBZ, France

hello there

a few posts up, I posted that :

“But when looking for jeppesen page, I see this
europe annual subscription for 546 €, with “single install” (so, only one license key ?)”

When clicking this link, price is now up to 846 €…..

What happened ?

That’s a 60% price augmentation !!!!!

Did I missed something ?

LFBZ, France

I see the same thing. It is nearly 2x the price of the next most expensive region (Africa or Middle East and South Asia) and 4x the price of the USA. Ouch.

I notice that the price for the smaller Northern Europe area has not changed, at €321.30. I can’t be sure about the other regions, but I suspect they have not changed either. I wonder if this is just a pricing error, or is that wishful thinking?

EGTT, The London FIR

Just found this old thread. I have a key to spare VFR/IFR Central Europe. PM me if interested!

EHTE, Netherlands

Anyone know if such a key can be used in Garmin Pilot?

EIMH, Ireland

Yes – it can.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Anyone with spare key available?

EGNS, Other

I’m using jepp mobile FD. If I buy a second iPad as backup with the same Apple ID, will I need a second jepp key or is it only using one key because it knows I’m the same person due to Apple ID?


One key = one device (at a time)

EBST, Belgium

I have one key to offer, Central Europe VFR + IFR
Price is 460€ + VAT.
PM if interested.

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