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Buying a family plane?

but I don’t recall reading anything yet about uncontrolled IFR en-route, an obvious practical limit is orography & topography !

At the moment it is a RNAV route & approach network for military and rescue helicopters. See NLR-. CR-2014-049 and Helicopter Point in Space Operations in controlled and Uncontrolled airspace on Eurocontrol’s website.

There is also a Skybriefing note out there cautioning to expect IFR traffic in G airspace.

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An interesting thread, as I’m about to start flying with my family…

After flying the (2-seat) Sportcruiser for the last 5 years all around the UK and Europe with flying buddies, late last year I decided the time was right to start flying with my family, so needed a bigger plane. My daughter has just turned 4 and is showing an interest in my flying trips. My wife came up for a few local flights after I got my PPL but wasn’t interested in flying for fun, only as a tool to get somewhere nice.

So in December I bought a share in a TB20. Two days later we entered another UK lockdown, so it was last week that I flew it for the first time. I need 5 hours with an instructor before being allowed to solo (insurance requirements), and aim to complete the last 2 hours this weekend.

I intend to keep my share in the Sportcruiser as it provides fun VFR flying and has proven itself to be a capable European VFR tourer when I only have one passenger and is also half the price to fly (£57/hr vs approx £110/hr). I’ll fly the TB20 when I take the family, it has plenty of usable weight for the three of us and baggage, plus the extra 40kn cruise makes a real difference. I’ll start with some short trips to the beach so they can see the benefit, and hopefully expand out from there….

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EGBJ and Firs Farm, United Kingdom

Just came across this one here:

Seneca I in Italy

This is pretty much what I used to fly in Switzerland many years ago, apart from this one not having Rayaj Turbos.

GNS530W, Aspen, Alticontrol IIIB and engines 260 hours since overhaul…. if the price is right, this could well be a good entry level family twin.

I am not sure if the Seneca I can be converted to club seating though, which I find nice for families

LSZH, Switzerland

Ibra wrote:

I think Switzerland had already a first proof-of-concept of uncontrolled IFR to non-instrument runway, Grenchen LSZG

I think also the IFR procedure in Samedan is going into this direction.

LSZH, Switzerland

This one does look nice indeed. What I don’t get is why people advertise something for sale and don’t mention the price. This is just an invitation for tire kickers.

Seneca 1 is a good basic MEP. Better useful load than a V and by MEP standards easy to maintain.

Honest 145 KTAS at 18 usgph.

Oxford (EGTK)

If you live beside a large body of water, the best family plane might well be a boat to keep the family entertained. A boat is cheap, has lots of space, a real toilet, you can sleep on it, cook on it, swim off it, its social media-friendly, good for short journeys, goes up in value if well bought. €100 euro worth of fuel brings more smiles to a large 6-8 person group than €100 worth of avgas.

Then buy whatever aeroplane puts a smile on your face. I can still knock good family entertainment out of a two-seat aeroplane. My family want short scenic flights, 5-10 mins at the controls, food on the way, lots of fresh air. Keep it to day trips which are easy to organise with little planning. That’s what I do. I could take one of the “work” six-seat aeroplanes we have for sale and lord about in that, but it’s not really my style.

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EIBR, Ireland

RobertL18C wrote:

Honest 145 KTAS at 18 usgph.

Me thinking that is a robbery but I guess for twins Avgas bills comes as rounding errors compared to MX bills !

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

@WilliamF excellent advice! Exactly what I’m doing (except too far from water so chartering the boats).

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Sneak in a basic 4 seater SEP with the house purchase, no one will notice ;)

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Based Austria | Operating Worldwide
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