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Your 2023 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2024?

I liked reading this thread last year so why not start another one.

This is what i wrote last year:
Plans for 2023: renew my SEP, take our son up on his first flight (almost 3y old) and take my wife to some fun places.

I can say I managed 100% of my plans. Although the fun places were limited 2 in Belgium and 1x EHMZ
Did a total of 430h, just shy of 12 were GA.
Surpassed 200 airports/fields with 9 new in my logbook.
And professionally, I upgraded to Senior First Officer, so i can sit on the captains seat when he goes to sleep

My plans for next year:
I joined another aeroclub with a concrete runway so i hope i have to cancel less flights next year.
I also signed up for the FI course which should start in April.

EBZW, Belgium

This year was more/less like previous ones – 140 flight hours in total. The majority was in DA42, 15 hours in C172 for CPL training, and 3 hours in Pipistrel Virus for AUPRT. On top of that I did 20 hours in King Air FTNP for MCC training.

I guess next year will be a bit more, starting some professional flying.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

liked reading this thread last year so why not start another one

Same here, but my calendar comprises yet another 10 days for 2023… and I feel the need, the need for ….

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Congratulations on becoming a Senior First Officer !

I joined the forum this year (so no plans from last year).

2023 I flew about 33hrs as a student pilot, passed the PPL theory exam, passed FCL.055 (to legally fly abroad), and finished the PPL practical training program.

Goal for 2024 is to take the PPL practical exam, obtain night qualification, start the BIR training.
For flying itself, I’d like to fly at least 50hrs, take friends and family (trips and sightseeing), cross my first border, and maybe do a multi-day trip around Europe. Icing on the cake: attend some EuroGA meetups

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45hrs this year, mostly IR training, still no skills test… Hopefully next year?


About 6 hours this year after 5 years on the ground.
I’m hoping to regain some of my apparently lost mojo when weather allows and then finally start using my Falco for what I originally intended and have done none of: european trips.

Forever learning

52 hours this year including jaunts to Switzerland, UK, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and Denmark so am happy to have done all the goals I set myself…. next year, I think the french Atlantic coast and possibly Norway are on the agenda…

EDL*, Germany

72.1 hours so far. I hope to add another hour or so, which would make this the highest-time year since 2011.

Less than I’d hoped due to the absence of my plane. Much of that time was spent working on my French IR, and then getting comfortable with IFR flight in France. All but 9.9 hours were in my new (to me) TB20, which is now sadly sitting at Cuers waiting for its engine to get overhauled.

LFMD, France

About 215hrs for me. Bought 2 planes, sold one. Did about 60hrs in the first one, 90hrs in the second one (in about 2 months, decent but not up to Dan standards I know) and another 20hrs renting in the states. The rest was in TB20.

Next year when the RV is back together with CS prop, new panel and colour scheme I’ll be doing as many euro trips as possible.

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United Kingdom

I’ll end up at about 160 hours, which less than my goal of 200 hrs. Reason being that at a certain point time I thought my engine sounded different, louder. My mechanic investigated all there is to investigate, but could not find anything out of the ordinary. So I did what I should have done earlier, and to expose some flying friends to the sound of my engine. They wondered what I was talking about.. I don’t wonder anymore, because it was not up front, the problem was in the cabin. Between my ears to be precise. A clear case of hyperacusis, as confirmed by a medical specialist. Ah well, at least my mechanic had a nice additional income, although he did mention that he’d love to further increase that by sticking a screwdriver in my left ear to see if it would help. Next time you meet me, don’t speak too loudly please. Can’t wait for the Bose A40 to arrive.

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain
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