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Do not use invalid or throwaway email addresses to sign up to EuroGA

We don’t do more than a few mailing a year – mostly concerning fly-ins – and each time a number of addresses bounce back.

Obviously the person is not contactable via PMs, won’t receive notifications, etc.

Furthermore, to reduce the chances of EuroGA being labelled as a spammer, we don’t want to mail them again so we edit them with a prefix which prevents new emails going to them.

This then prevents that person logging in again

So, please keep your Contact Email in your Profile up to date. It isn’t visible to others (not even to registered members) and we don’t sell them, etc.

The PM system on EuroGA is nowadays solid. If you still believe you are not receiving PMs or notifications, see this. Gmail and others are behaving really stupidly. Also you can check for incoming messages in your Profile under User to User Messages.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Also you can check for incoming messages in your Profile under User to User Messages.

Neato! How about a notification of an unread message upon login / refresh of page?

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

I have just done another mailing (about the Denmark fly-in in May) and as usual a bunch of email addresses have bounced back as invalid.

These addresses have been blocked from further mailings*, which (the way we do it) has the side effect of blocking the person’s forum login.

So if you cannot log in, I suggest you sort out your email address so it works again (or sort out a new one) and drop me a line and I will fix it up.

* this is done because hitting too many duff email addresses puts the sender onto blacklists, and then lots of others won’t receive the emails.

Also, if you have not logged in for a year, you won’t get any mailings anyway. This is because when we used to include the members who had not visited for ages, we got many people reporting us as a spammer. There is no advantage to you in logging out anyway and you just lose the forum features like the list of unread posts.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Signing up with bogus / disposable email addresses

We have had some with e.g. or

Please be aware that when we do the next mailing (we do only a few a year, usually about the fly-ins) these will bounce back, causing to be added to spam sender blacklists. So we block those users’ emails from future mailings, which has the side effect that they can’t login anymore!

And if you don’t login you lose a lot of the forum functionality. See here for examples.

Nobody (public) can see the email you used to sign up with. And, as I say, we rarely email them, and we never pass them on to anybody else.

So there is no need to use bogus email addresses.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Why not implement some sort of email verification e.g. by sending an email to activate a new account? Most people are prepared to share personal information such as an email address if they perceive some value to themselves as part of the exchange.

(Excuse me if you already do that, it’s been a while since I signed up!)

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EGBJ / Gloucestershire

Just realised the disposable part, please disregard previous :)

EGBJ / Gloucestershire

Just bumping up this thread. More invalid addresses turned up on the mailing about the Copenhagen fly-in.

We don’t sell or disclose email addresses so no need to use duff ones.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Just doing a mailing about the current fly-ins and again some email addresses are bouncing back as invalid.

I have marked them as such, to prevent future mailings, because mailing duff addresses just gets EuroGA marked as a spammer. If you cannot log in, contact admin with your correct email address and we will update it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Revisiting this old topic…

Some people use these to register their account.

EuroGA never reveals or passes on email addresses so there is no point in using these services.

The problem is that when we do a mailing (usually about a major fly-in, several times a year only) these sometimes bounce back, and gets onto a spammer blacklist so a load of others don’t receive the emails. They also don’t receive EuroGA PMs or forum notifications.

Accordingly, when we get a bounce-back we block that email from further use, which has the side effect that the person then cannot log in. In genuine cases we can fix this by updating the email address, on request.

Some of these addresses don’t bounce back but dump the email while adding to a blacklist, which is hardly what one should be doing to a free community resource.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I don’t know whether this is somebody doing a windup but we have recently had a number of people join up using obviously bogus or throwaway email addresses.

This is not necessary on EuroGA because we never disclose email addresses.

All it will achieve is that you will not get notifications, so various forum features (e.g. private messages) will not work. And when any email notification sent to you bounces, your account will be removed because in the much wider interest of the other EuroGA users we don’t want the server to be blacklisted. Those posters who found their login no longer works are those whose account was removed for this reason. We are happy to re-instate it if they email admin with the correct email address.

Moreover, the few emails we send out each year about fly-ins will not be transmitted because we add all such addresses to a blacklist as soon as the person creates the account

All this has been written before, above. We have recently implemented additional procedures to prevent spammers getting in and this is a part of it. Now, a new signup cannot post until the account has been mod approved. The approval is normally very quick but could take up to 24hrs. We then email the email address supplied to confirm the approval, but obviously if you used a bogus email address, you won’t get this

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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