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Do not use invalid or throwaway email addresses to sign up to EuroGA

Due to some recent irritating bot activity we have now implemented blocking of signups which show certain characteristics typical of spammers. This is for new signups.

A part of this involves blocking of throwaway email addresses.

Many online community sites are doing the same, not least because invalid email addresses cause bouncebacks which increase the chance of the server ending up blacklisted and then genuine users of the community don’t get the email-transmitted PMs, watch notifications, etc.

You will also not get PMs back from other people…

If you are unable to sign up and get a message saying “we are not accepting signups at the moment” then you are getting picked up by this measure. If you are “real” then please email admin via the Contact link at the top of each page, giving details of what you are trying to login as, what email address you are using, etc.

If you are unable to post or send PMs, check that your profile contains a valid email address, etc.

There are also other countermeasures which we are not disclosing

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s time to bring this one up again

Some % of people are joining up with bogus (or mis-spelt) email addresses.

Then they don’t get approved to post or PM, so they email the Contact link complaining they can’t post or PM. So I reply by email, and my reply bounces (of course)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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