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Evening trip to ENSU

By the way, if any of you plan to land at Vinnu – ENSU, I strongly recommend to prepare this in details. It is a grass strip not very big at the bottom of a deep valley so that comes with a few potential challenges… If you need help, you can ask me I’ll be happy to answer any question and give you some tips.

And if you come to ENVA, I’ll be happy to welcome you if I’m around. ENVA is fairly easy, the only difficulty is when the wind is from the South, which makes the final very bumpy and landing can be difficult in that case.

ENVA, Norway

All good advice @WingsWaterAndWheels, thanks
And yes, I had some of these Southerly gusts up to 25kts on my previous ENVA visit a few years ago… the Falco I had at the time managed well.

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LSZF, Switzerland
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