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Schipol Wednesday

Any members want to come for a day trip to Schipol next Wednesday? Early start from Oxford. Back that evening.

Please message if interested.

Last Edited by JasonC at 29 Jan 23:01
EGTK Oxford

Hi Jason,

Totally off topic, but the correct spelling is Schiphol. It is not to nitpick, but it may be an interesting bit of trivia..
The part of Holland where Schiphol is located used to be a very sizeable lake called ‘Haarlemmermeer’. ‘Lake of Harlem’ if you like.
The Dutch converted it into land by pumping out the water, and you’ll see that on your altimeter, as you know. It so happens that the airport is located in the northeasterly part of that ex-lake. As you know from the weather in the UK, the winds in the northwestern part of Europe are usually from the southwest. So that means that in that corner of the lake the waves were ‘sea-like’. So, in spite of the my countrymen of some time ago being avid and competent sailors, quite a few got caught out and ended up in the ‘hole of ships’, which is ‘Schiphol’ in Dutch.

In any event, it is a shame I don’t live in the UK, else would have gladly joined you. No doubt there will be others who jump at the opportunity.. Have a nice flight and think of these poor sailors when you are battling a nice southwesterly over there..

Last Edited by aart at 30 Jan 19:51
Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Apologies to our Dutch speakers. Good history aart. I have a member coming along now.

EGTK Oxford

Any particular reason for visiting Schiphol (by GA I presume)? After landing you won’t have much change left from 300 euro – if the price hasn’t gone up since I last checked. Far cheaper alternatives, depending on where you’re eventually going, are Hilversum (~700 meter grass), Lelystad (~1000m asphalt) or Rotterdam (controlled, 2000+m, get handling via the Vliegclub Rotterdam for about 25 euro).

If it’s just to get Schiphol in your logbook, no matter the cost (or if somebody else is paying…), then by all means have fun. Be very, very on the ball wrt. to your radio though – they may be handling three main runways, plus the secondary Schiphol-Oost runway (04/22, GA only) on one single frequency simultaneously. Also note that some frequencies at Schiphol are 8.33 kHz frequencies now, so for all practical purposes (and legal reasons) you need to be 8.33 kHz capable, and indicate so on your flightplan (Y).

I go in there a lot. I am familiar with the procedures. You are right, it is a busy airport and you do need to be on the ball.

EGTK Oxford

Hilversum and a Mustang would not really work very well

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Was a good couple of flights with @dnj and @Finners . They even got to see the 27 ILS circling to 22. Nice to meet another couple of forum members.

Last Edited by JasonC at 04 Feb 11:35
EGTK Oxford

Thank you very much indeed Jason. It was a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Great to meet you and DNJ. I really must sort out an IR.

EGTT, The London FIR

I can’t thank Jason enough for yesterday’s adventure. Great fun, great aircraft, and the pilot was pretty good too :) As soon as I get around to buying a Mustang myself I will do the same and offer some forum members a ride…

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