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SMA six cylinder SR430 Dieisel Engine

Just out:

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On the other hand, a Skylane JT-A suffered an engine failure during its flight test phase. The problem was traced to burrs on the SR305’s crankshaft—burrs caused by manufacturing defects that have since been corrected at the factory.

I thought the problem was with the turbo. Any news on the JT-A??

ekbr ekbi, Denmark

Cessna has had two engine failures on the 182 diesel prototype. Combining information from multiple sources (always a risky practice!) it appears one was caused by a broken crankshaft, or at least related to a poorly machined crankshaft, and the other was caused a turbocharger development problem that has not been described in detail.

Jean-Paul Herteman, President and CEO of Safran, flies himself a C 182 with the SMA engine.
See video on their site

EDxx, Germany
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