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WTH is a CGI trick?

EDTQ / Sarentino

So correct to conclude, that the Pocket Rocket is not exactly a basic trainer?


europaxs wrote:

So correct to conclude, that the Pocket Rocket is not exactly a basic trainer?

It’s not a basic build either. Increasing Vne of a kit is not exactly for everyone to do.

The elephant is the circulation

…though I’m wondering (also given the enthusiasm in the replies here), if there could be a market for the Pocket Rocket.

It’s a fantastic toy for the experienced pilot!

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Snowbirdxx thank you for the videos, you need to share some videos of the turbine bird dog and for Adam Frisch, of the MU-2.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

No, it is not a basic trainer, not even an advanced, the pilot should be experienced.

I did not increase the Vne of a Kit, I just used the mould of a kitplane. Structural calculation,substantiation and testing were done in house.

I see no market for such a plane. The engines are pricewise out of range. Even used ones are unaffordable.

For Turbine Bird dog vids go to Youtube and look for Sarentino, Locher, SIAI

tere are more….

there you may also find vids of the Kodiak flying into short strips.

there are more vids too.

Have no MU2 vids to share, stopped flying MU-2s in 1990 after logging 3600hrs in them. But took them all over the world, to SobStory in Greenland, Zell an See, Courchevel and many desert roads in Tunesia and Saudi Arabia.. Awesome plane the Rice Rocket.

Enjoy the vids of the beautiful Dolomites

EDTQ / Sarentino

Did some “high speed” ( well in relation to an SR71 low speed ) tests on the weekend to be sure the airframe is flutter free. 90% Torque in a dive at Fl 220 showed 285 KTS indicated. Good enough for a Microlight….And faster than a MU-2

EDTQ / Sarentino

Snowbirdxx wrote:

well in relation to an SR71 low speed

I guess, the 285 KTS is just a Little above the SR71’s stall Speed

Joke aside – very impressive performance! Out of interest: did you wear an emergency parachute during those tests?


You bet! And it was fresh packed.

EDTQ / Sarentino

Super awesome and other superlatives! What a fantastic achievement.
Oh by the way, CGI is Computer Generated Image. It’s what makes all modern action films so shit.

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