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What are you building/flying ?

LeSving wrote:

2024 is probably the worst thinkable alloy regarding corrosion

I stand corrected.

My wife has just started a blog post on priming. Looks like it could easily stretch out into a short book…


New to the forum yesterday.
I’m building an RV12 at home in Surrey. Just completed the empennage and starting the wings. Probably another 18 months to go before first flight at Fairoaks.

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

I’m envious. What made you choose a 12?

Forever learning

The RV12 has simple construction (didn’t fancy composite) – can be done mostly single-handed (my wife admits to not being either practical or particularly interested as long as it gets her to Bembridge!), plus it’s cheap to operate – no need for a regular 0-320 to get 100kts. Vans has such a good reputation and the kits are very well sorted so there should be longevity of production and support. I’ve flown in one at Wycombe – the builder is my LAA inspector, and it’s so much more nimble to fly than the PA28 I’ve used for the past 14 years.

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

Very sad to see, that even the English choose a Vans rather than the pure British Europa OTOH I have to admit, that I bought my Europa second hand, since I simply don’t have the skills to build it myself. Anyhow: happy building/flying


I can see the attraction of the Vans, as it is a metal construction which is easier to work with than composite. Having looked at a vans before I bought my Europa, there was no comparison on the performance. The higher effort of composite work is worth it. You just need to carefully plan the upgrades as the cure temperature on the composites can be difficult to achieve during winter months.

I have a hanger mate, who wanted to build a vans with me, until he saw the Europa… now he’s undecided – still a bit more convincing to do on him, but definitely the right direction :)

EDHS, Germany

@italianjon : tell him about the Europa grin
That will help him making the right decision

Last Edited by europaxs at 12 Feb 18:33

The first wing of the Carbon Cub is mostly done now (less covering, painting etc).

My build log has now been made public at

I’ve now been offered my own T-hangar to rent at Hayward. Just about big enough for the RV plus the project kit.

It certainly goes together quicker than building an RV!

KHWD- Hayward California; EGTN Enstone Oxfordshire, United States

europaxs wrote:

@italianjon : tell him about the Europa grin
That will help him making the right decision

I intend to

EDHS, Germany

It’s been an amazing two weeks on my RV-10 build. We now have undercarriage, engine, and a prop. Engine baffles and cowl next.

All avionics completed. Engine plumbing and wiring completed.

Next long term big job is the fiberglass work – lots and lots of fettling.

EGKL, United Kingdom
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