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A prebuy on a 172B on video

It just came out from Canada and find it most interesting.

It takes 9 hours and with a few extra hours will be a legal Annual. Of course it is just an inspection and no maintenance is really done.


Notice they didn’t borescope the cylinders, just the compressions which look very good.
The engine (O-300D) has 223 hours since OH in 1998, but cylinders are chrome plated.

Hope he can enjoy the plane as is for a few years, but I’m curious what the internals look like.


The end of the annual, the prebuy being positive.
Notice the camshaft can be observed with a borescope on this O-300D.

Amazing this plane just needs a few minor things to be running (a fuse, an oil change) and good to go after sitting for a few years.

Then he starts stripping the interior while some upgrades are ordered :

This takes place in Edenvale Ontario, CNV8. It is north of Toronto.

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