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Fuel shortages in the UK?

In view of recent local events, are there any aviation fuel shortages? Are there likely to be any? I can’t see that distribution of aviation fuel is going to be prioritised over automotive fuel.

Just my vague guess, SP95 prices are very competitive geographically across pumps and tend to quickly reflect market trends, so their supply chain is tight with not much stored underneath to cover demand, Avgas prices are slow to react in time/space, so maybe plenty is sorted and we may hear about it in 3months?

It’s unlikely to be the same distribution chain or providers but you still need truck drivers to deliver Avgas…

Last Edited by Ibra at 25 Sep 19:05
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Avgas cannot be carried in the same tankers as unleaded.
But it’s a driver shortage, not production or tanker.
Some commercial aircraft are Avgas – e.g. the Piaggio survey twins which seem very busy at present, so some airfields may take priority.
Many smaller fields may have storage for some time, unless they were about to refill.
(Crossed with Ibra.)

Last Edited by Maoraigh at 25 Sep 19:08
EGPE, United Kingdom

There was limited fuel shortage at pumps across the UK. A few BP stations had issues with deliveries, this got published in the media and a months worth of fuel got uplifted in two days. Nothing to do with the truck shortage or Brexit. Just the media and it’s scaredemic.

Qualified PPL with IR SP/SE PBN
EGSG, United Kingdom

Maoraigh wrote:

the Piaggio survey twins

Thread drift but @Maoraigh am wondering whether you mean Partenavia. There are indeed a few surviving, and very sought after AvGas Piaggios, but probabaly retired from any survey work :)

Oxford (EGTK)

pilotrobbie wrote:

Nothing to do with the truck shortage or Brexit.

So there is no shortage of truck drivers in the UK?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

So there is no shortage of truck drivers in the UK?

There is a shortage of truck drivers all over Europe and probably beyond. This has been a long term trend as the former communist bloc (those parts which are in the EU) had gradually recovered post-communism and people could get a reasonable living while back home with their family. More recently, CV19 has caused a lot of people to re-evaluate their “life” and among a vast number of social changes (like… half the country now trying to buy a house in the countryside) this has led many to dump crappy jobs. Again this is happening all over Europe, with regional differences e.g. in the UK facilities like overnight truck parking facilities are reportedly not as nice as those in say France (and the UK motorway food is famously crap).

The current petrol and diesel delivery situation is entirely due to public panic which got started by some dickhead leaking, IIRC, a govt committee presentation by BP saying they are 25% down on deliveries. The trash media took it from there, and the public needs no encouragement to panic. Some good fights at the petrol stations are as predictable as on pilot forums, particularly on nationalist axes Literally the night before this started, everything was running perfectly. Justine heard something on the news and messaged me to fill up the cars, which we did immediately that evening. The following morning, 9am, the Daily Trash ran the story and there was hell at the pumps.

In view of recent local events, are there any aviation fuel shortages? Are there likely to be any? I can’t see that distribution of aviation fuel is going to be prioritised over automotive fuel.

At my airfield, they have been using a specialised aviation fuel service run by DHL. Last time there was hell at the pumps (10+ years ago?) it wasn’t affected.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Copied (after changing all the grammatical errors) from somewhere else:
Petrol tanker drivers have to have an ADR qualification as well as a HGV licence to drive petrol tanker lorries.
It’s a fact that there is a shortage of HGV drivers, however HGV drivers cannot drive a petrol tanker lorry without having an ADR qualification.
The UK had ADR drivers last week and NOTHING, repeat NOTHING, changed much in a week. Maybe some holiday or some sickness but not a dramatic change.
The ADR drivers that were driving last week are still driving this week delivering fuel so nothing has changed.
The petrol panic we are now experiencing is all down to media hype.
It’s not because all of the EU drivers went back to Europe post brexit which is one of the reasons being banded about.
These EU HGV drivers left months ago and yet the country was still getting fuel without problems up until today.
So what’s changed? Nothing!
Apart from the disgraceful media hype and scaremongering to make news, sensationalising the fact that a couple of petrol stations were getting a late delivery so they closed.
What we have now is purely the result of media scaremongering!
Massive panic and chaos by everyone which is now causing a shortage of fuel until the ADR drivers that we already had delivering fuel a few days ago can deliver again.
The media should be penalised severely for publicising false news and creating the crazy situation that has been going on all today. It’s disgusting. They should hold their heads in shame.
And to top it the government have 1000’s of trained military personnel who are available if there was a real fuel crisis. Bloody Media! Bloody sheep, bloody selfish mentality.

Forever learning

They can always bring back the old song to attract more truck drivers…

Last Edited by Mooney_Driver at 26 Sep 20:02
LSZH, Switzerland

“Thread drift but @Maoraigh am wondering whether you mean Partenavia.”
Probably yes. The small modern Rotax twins, like the F reg one on the Wexford beach. Operating from EGPE Inverness also, but SE reg. Various survey purposes claimed.

EGPE, United Kingdom
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