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EuroGA Quiz Night 27 July 2021

Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. But it would be no fun at all if you guys didn’t turn up, so thanks for joining!

Congratulations to Snoopy the winner (and only person to get more than 50% of the answers correct). Snoopy who is already instrument rated, very kindly donated his prize (the digital books from ) to the person in second play which was Capitaine. That was very generous of you!

I’m aware that it took a while to mark the questions which meant it got quite late, and that some people had to leave. So I’ll post the answers here when I get a change (probably later this evening).


EIKH Kilrush

Sorry I missed it guys, unavoidable unfortunately.
Glad to hear it was a success.
Well done Colm for sorting it out.

United Kingdom

Thanks Colm, it was fun! Though I was way behind, trying to cook and play at the same time 😅.


Ok, for those who had to leave before the answers were given, here are the answers.

Round 1 was to identify the airport
1 EDTY Schwabish Hall
2 EIDL Donegal
3 ETAR Ramstein
4 LDSB Brac
5 LFRF Granville
6 LGAV Athens
7 LIPZ Portarose (Portaroz)
8 LKPR Vaclav Havel Praque
9 Plockton (UK)
10 LFST Strasbourg

Round 2 was to identify the aircraft
1 Edgley EA-7 Optica
2 Extra 330
3 Mooney M20J 201
4 Pal-V
5 Robinson R44
6 RV6A
7 SR-71
8 Sukhoi Su-29
9 Tecnam P-92 J
10 Tecnam P-2006T
We accepted make and model….exact variant not needed.

Round 3 was general knowledge
1 How many posts since the forum was founded to 25-7-21 (Sunday). Answer 287,616. I accepted answers that were within 10K.
2 How many topics since the forum was founded to 25-7-21 (Sunday). Answer 11,409. I accepted answers that were within 500.
3 Who was the active poster in the last 90 days. Answer Ibra
4 In 1935, before crossing the altantic was a common occurance, a pilot applied to the FAA to be allowed make a non-stop flight from the USA to Europe. He was refused permission, because the FAA said his aircraft was too unstable for the flight. So instead the pilot got an expermental permission for a transcontential flight from from California to New York and back to California in 1939. He subsequently stated that after he took off on the return leg from New York, that he entered a cloud and got disoriented and made the most basic of all pilot’s errors and mixed up east and west. 28 hours later he landed in Ireland. Name that Pilot.
Answer Douglas Corrigan (Wrong Way Corrigan)
5. What’s the first type in Peter’s log book. Answer PA38 Tomahawk.
6. Every American President from Eisenhower to Clinton inclusive has an airport or space centre named after them, with one exception. Who is the exception? Answer Richard Nixon
7. How many wheels are there on an SR71. Answer 8 (3 on each mains and 2 on nosewheel)
8. In March this year, Peter did a trip from Shoreham to the Alps and back, which he wrote up on the forum. How many track miles did he do (in nautical miles). Answer 921nm. I accepted answers within 100nm.
9. has very kindly donated the prize for this evening’s quiz. How many English Languange books are there in the series? Answer 7
10. Up to 24/7/21 How many airport reports have been received in the EuroGA airport database? Answer 665. I accepted answers within 10. The current number was available on the database on the site, so was would have been easy to get the exact number!

Round 4 – was to identify the logo
1 Air India
2 Air BP
4 Dynon
6 Embraer
7 EuroControl
8 Lockheed Martin
9 Pratt & Whitney
10 Virgin Galatic

Round 5 was to unscramble the letter to find the aviation brand, name, organisation or TV Show
1 Jeppesen
2 EasyVFR
3 Tecnam
4 EuroGA
5 EuroControl
6 Garmin
7 Airbus
8 Airwolf
9 Lufthansa
10 AmericanAirlines

Round 6 was to match the forum users with their vehicles.
I’ll not post the images here as they were given to me to use in the quiz. I don’t have permission to post them on the fourm.
But the answers were (for anyone who can remeber the order!):

I’m delighted that so many enjoyed it. I think it’s definately a good job that I’m asking the questions rather than answering! I very much doubt that I’d have gotten more than 10 of them.

Nobody had morre than half the answers right, going into the final round.
Very impressivly, Guy managed a perfect 10 in the final round; the only person to do that on any round.

By way of examinging the difficulty of the questions, there were only 13 correct answers in round 1-airports. There were 26 correct answers in round 2 -aircraft. 41 correct answers in round 3 general knowledge. Round 4 logos, had 38 correct answers. Round 5 unscramble the words had 33 correct answers, and round 6, match the forum members to their vehicles had 51 correct answers.

Once again, thanks to those who participated and made it an enjoyable evening. Thanks to those who offered a photo of their vehicle for the quiz. And thanks to for donating te prize.


EIKH Kilrush

Another diabolically difficult quiz – thank you Dublinpilot.

I had microphone problems at the end and don’t want to be ungrateful, so a thank you also to ErlendV for donating the books and to anagram-meister Snoopy for passing on the prize. Looking forward to reading them

EGHO-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

Mon plaisir!

Airline/Mentor/Safety/Instructor - Pilot
Based Austria | Operating Worldwide
16 Posts
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