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Greek Airports (being sold to FRAPORT in Germany) and many new problems

FYI Samos is also Fraport’s. Unless talking about gliding distance, I’m an optimist and really hope that they will change some things in the near future. Most of the charges are disproportionate.

All local airclubs have almost stopped operating and some big flight schools (eg Egnatia Aviation in Kavala LGKV, the schools at Thessaloniki LGTS and Rhodes LGRP etc) are taking a hit.

Greek GA is suffering and, among others, the new charges will reduce flight hours and thus affect flight safety.

Last Edited by atmilatos at 22 Apr 16:56
LGMT (Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece), Greece

Peter wrote:

With decent range one can avoid Corfu on most trips

Although not Greece, maybe LATI (Tirana) could be used as a refueling stop on the way to Greece. You need a port of entry to enter Greece no matter where you come from, anyway. The only downside is that they require a PPR just as the Skopjans, and you need to send them the paperwork of plane and pilot a week or two beforehand. Once that is done they are pretty flexible wrt time of arrival and departure,


Here are four bills I paid this week in Greece.

Corfu LGKR 206.92€

Heraklion LGIR 143.06€

Megara LGMG 4.89€

Kefalonia LGKF 162.18€

The average is 129.26€ per airport which is not that bad (thanks to LGMG) but standard deviation is pretty high.

From these three big ones state owned LGIR is obviously the cheapest but I can’t call it cheap – they still charge airport permition 50€ and somenone (I guess handler rather than airport) charged chokes and cones 5€ yet they didn’t charge 4 days of parking.

Last Edited by Emir at 23 Apr 09:29
LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Do be honest I find these fees pretty ridiculous – especially the PPR “Service”. They could simply get rid of this completely useless bull***, save themselves a lot of work and us the money …
Maybe it would be worth if AOPA Europe could approach Fraport directly ?

Fraport must have known they will wipe out GA activity in Greece by doing this, so they obviously don’t care, and Greece had its back to the wall (top-level politically) when they were presented with the Fraport deal. More than likely, the Fraport deal was a condition of some Greek debt rescheduling or some such. That is how things are done… Greece has been under a lot of pressure from the lenders to privatise its govt owned agencies.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So if I understood this, the LGIR “PPR” was for the IFR slot, right? A VFR flight wouldn’t have to pay this at a state-owned airport, like LGIR.

LGMT (Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece), Greece

atmilatos wrote:

A VFR flight wouldn’t have to pay this at a state-owned airport, like LGIR.

You’re probably right but that would require totally different approach (VFR charts, more flexibility in choosing days to fly etc.).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

What about Z or Y?

Airports which want to protect revenue ban Z or Y…

But in Greece vfr is not much of an issue. The Q is how close in can you cancel IFR and still get away with it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

What is the cheapest port of entry for Greece now (flying VFR)? LGIR Heraklion?

Last Edited by WhiskeyPapa at 23 Apr 14:27
Tököl LHTL

If you want avgas, I would check out Sitia LGST. I have an enquiry out and will post any findings.

Sitia went from zero in 2004 to some €50 in 2010 and 2014… still fine, a very nice part of Crete, with the only issue being the narrow opening hours.

If you don’t need avgas, I would check out some of the less known airports which don’t have loco airlines.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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