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Syros LGSO Greece AVGAS (and now - 2024 - Customs and Immigration!)

Syros LGSO island airport in central Greece will soon get JET-A1 and AVGAS on regular supply.

CAA page

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This is not an official statement but something I know by talking with the fuel company (AirBP) the recent months and a phone call I just had with them to confirm the current status.

As far as I know the installation is ready and within “early” July they will start the operation.

Syros’s positive aspects:
- relaxed commercial schedules
- ample apron capacity for GA
- extremely GA friendly CAA personnel at the (AFIS) Tower and CAA. (HellasGA had a FlyIn there in 2008)
- lovely island city to stay for summer and winter. Its the admin. capital of the Cyclades islands complex and has also a university which keeps the island lively all year round with youth. More (travel info.) &
- stunning approach from both runway directions
- has IFR procedures
- No PPR needed but the courtesy notice to the handler or CAA is always a good practice
- It will now have AVGAS

Syros’s negative aspects:
- operation hours are not in the “open all day” style but with some opening and closing blocks during the day (check NOTAMs). Weekdays and SAT they are open till ~noon and FRI and SUN they are open morning and afternoon closing in the hours between.
- airport admin was quite relaxed until recently ignoring the mandatory handling “where available” in Greece but I’ve heard the recently the handling agent “pops up” there and you have to accept it. The only handler there is SKYSERV only there and the handling cost is the 50 Euro (with AOPA discount) plus 12 per passenger for the CAA (passenger tax).
- it is NOT an airport or entry so you need to stop somewhere else first if coming/leaving from/for abroad. Non privatized (cheaper) airport options for entry via north are LGIO LGBL & LGAL and from south LGST or LGIR.

AVGAS is also available in Athens LGMG Megara GA airfield TUE to SUN (very cheap airport fees) and H24 at LGAV Athens Intl. (expensive fees) but Syros LGSO is more central to Greece layout and will give more options for daily fuel availability to flyers in the Aegean area wanting to avoid the west or east side of Greece for fuel.

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LGMG Megara, Greece

That’s great news Petakas.

I am surprised it isn’t a port of entry because I am fairly sure it had some European flights there in the past. As such, it isn’t likely to be useful for our September fly-in to Astypalea; most avgas burners will probably choose Samos or Corfu for that (and pay…).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

That is great news! Will make planning in those parts easier for me, that’s for sure! Looks like Syros goes on the “to visit” list.

Tököl LHTL

petakas wrote:

it is NOT an airport or entry so you need to stop somewhere else first if coming/leaving from/for abroad. Non privatized (cheaper) airport options for entry via north are LGIO LGBL & LGAL and from south LGST or LGIR.

So LGIO and LGBL can be used as port of entry airports. That’s great.

1. What kind ot total fees (landing, handling and whatever else) can we expect at LGIO and LGBL?
2. Is there PPR?
3. Is handling mandatory if I only land for passport check?

Thanks in advance for answers!

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

1. 40~50 Euro (because they are not the privatized ones) depending on passenger number and handler of choice. You can read it in if you follow the steps on top of the page.
2. LGIO negative but since you’ll have to use the handler you contact them in advance anyway. LGBL is mixed MIL/CIV and they need PPR. Same again, handler takes care of communication but if you need to handle PPR yourself (if handler charges for it) its all in including which airports need PPR (which is also in their NOTAMs)
3. Mandatory where available as explained in . Only some very small provincial airports do not have handlers popping out.

LGMG Megara, Greece

I was at Syros this weekend. The guy at the Air BP office said that they will start selling fuel tomorrow 3/7/2017.
Here are some pics from the refueling station:

Tatoi, Athens LGTT, Greece

Indeed, they commenced operations today.
AirBP confirmed me this today so its now official.

LGMG Megara, Greece

This is quite nice, also the installation looks good. Why did AirBP do this? Do they expect to make money or was supplying AVGAS part of their concession and they were obliged to offer it?

Don’t confuse Syros/Siros with Skyros which is an “international yoga / new age / etc holiday centre” with loads of international flights.

If Syros was a port of entry, it would be brilliant.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

“international yoga / new age / etc holiday centre”

Never knew Skyros is considered so! indeed it is a bit “alternative” destination for those who just want to relax.

Yes they two are confusing to non Greeks.

Syros LGSO is the one with AVGAS/JET A1 just in, smaller 1080m runway scenic port etc.

Skyros LGSY is a totally different case. Bigger island barren land in south part, scenic hilltop main town to the north, nice barren beaches on the northwest.
Airport is strategic active base of Hellenic Air Force (one of the key players in this situation) with very tight security, civil CAA apron at northeast, 3002m runway, strictly PPR ( para. 19).
Every time I fly there I consider it a privilege to be allowed to fly in and observe the HAF installations there with awe. Use of camera’s is as forbidden as it gets.

LGMG Megara, Greece
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