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Connect iPad mini 4 to TWO BOSE A20 headsets by Bluetooth?

Today I modified two of my existing BOSE A20s with the new version Bluetooth cable from BOSE that enables Audio streaming from phones and tablets.
When I open the BT settings on the iPad i can connect the iPad to both headsets, thereafter I have 2 “BOSE A20” in the list and both say “connected”.

Unfortunately only the one I connect FIRST receives the audio via BT, the other headset stays silent.

Anbody have an idea? Or do I have to use a BR transmitter in the audio Jack (3.5 mm) to make this possible?

Can any IOS or Android device drive two bluetooth headset profiles concurrently with the same data?

Obviously it is technically doable but I would be amazed if it was implemented. It would also confuse the hell out of most users unless there was an explicit config i.e. an auto detect of there being more than 1 headset profile supporting device that’s paired, and a dialog popping up asking which one(s) you want to feed.

OTOH there are plenty of people here who know way more that I do about this. Let’s see if anyone posts.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have no idea … but would the audio streaming feature by BT make any sense if it would work with one headset only? Also the BT settings page on the iPad shows 2 A20s connected!

I can always solve it with one of these little BT transmitters you put into the stereo output jack … but then I have yet ANOTHER part i have to charge,

I’d not have thought you could connect two different devices. But if it shows the two connected, then presumably you can!

I wonder if they have independent volume controls then? When something is being spoken, try pressing volume up/down and see if you get different controls for different devices instead of just the one control?

EIKH Kilrush

Yes, I checked it a couple of times – both headsets show CONNECTED in the iPad list! There’s volume controls on the headset control modules, I tried those, no difference.

Bluetooth GPS can handle multiple connections so it cannot be that difficult ?

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EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

I contacted a friend at Apple and he told me that only ONE audio BT stream is possible at a time. Even when both headsets are “connected” only one will receive the audio.

Solution: A Bluetooth Splitter device plugged into the 3.5. mm headphone jack solves the problem. Many of those will send the audio to tow headsets. From € 5 at amazon. The only thing I don’t like is that this is another device that has to be charged …

Both in my car and, if applicable, in the airplane, I use a setup with a cheap bluetooth device (not really a splitter required here?), which receives audio from my phone/ipad and sends it via the 3.5 mm jack in the panel that connects to the intercom (or to my car hifi, in the car case). I charge the device via the 12V outlet (permanently plugged in). Works quite well.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

You mean I could put the BT device into the 3,5mm AUX in of the airplane and then connect the iPad with that device?

Can you give the device type, name? Maybe an amazon link?

This? I have one of those to conect my son’s iPhone with his stereo.

EDIT: I would not even need the expensive new BOSE cables for that ;-) Oh well …

Last Edited by at 18 May 08:30

Alexis wrote:

Can you give the device type, name? Maybe an amazon link?

I have a noname product purchased at the local “CONRAD” store but the one you’re suggesting would be as good.

Btw. this weekend I’m planning on testing this setup with the Smart Checklist.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany
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