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Closing the link dialog causes article to be saved/submitted on mobile device

As requested:

  1. Start to write a new message
  2. Press link button
  3. Add link target
  4. Press ok
  5. Tap somewhere outside the dialog (e.g. in order to copy the link caption from elsewhere)

The half completed message will then get posted (without the link). This happens with Firefox on Android. But I just realized that it is of limited significance because what I intended to do (switching browser tabs with an open dialog) won’t work anyway since the dialog window is a modal window.

Last Edited by Clipperstorch at 12 Oct 21:06
EDQH, Germany

I can’t reproduce this in Chrome. Can anyone else?

I also think you need to highlight the relevant link text before step 2. above.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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