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Venice Lido LIPV

I remember looking up a trip the group took to Italy then onto Croatia with destination Greece. I also remember that airports were looked up near Venice however it was scratched in favor of Portoroz.

I am doing some preliminary planning for a possible trip to Venice and would like some info on airports to fly into.

LIPV is grass and VFR as well as short 900m. I will have a full complement of passengers so while not at gross 300lbs shy of it. So I dont want to fly in there for that reason. Grass, height, wet, possible ruts and VFR only too many variables.

LIPH with a train ride of 1 hr seems like a nice GA airport. Anyone have info on it? Or possible alternative?


I went to Padova and it worked fine, 5 Minutes with the Taxi to the train Station and 45 Minutes later at the Venice Main Station for just a couple of bugs. The transport from LIPV is more expensive and need the same time!

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Hi Gene,
900 meters at sea level! I would go to St. Nicolo, just because it’s a great experience. I’ve only been there years ago once, but from what I hear the runway is smooth and ok, and AFAIK there’s no obstacles …

Padova is no longer IFR.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Flyer59 wrote:

AFAIK there’s no obstacles

Unless there’s a big ship crossing the approach path

LSZK, Switzerland

tomjnx wrote:

Unless there’s a big ship crossing the approach path

Ha! Had that once in Aveiro (LPAV). The approach plates stated something like ‘caution, ships crossing canal on final app’ and sure enough, just I landed a big container ship came along! Extended my downwind…..

Couple of factors I need to be sure I can leave and arrive more or less on time so would like an Instrument Approach. Also 900 m is questionable if the grass is high and the ground is soft after a rain and I have 6 on board.

I just checked and the AIP is a little confusing looks like there is an NDB approach and RR has a NDB plate for it.


Regarding smoothness, I would give that runway maybe a 6/10. You could definitely feel some jolts.

But if possible I also recommend flying into LIPV for the experience. Also the hotels on Lido are less pricey.

We landed in LIPV on september 7 and took off on september 9.
We were 3 on board with full fuel and luggage.
The runway is smooth and 900 meters are very comfortable for a DA40 at MTOW 1200 kg.
There is a bus to Lido Vaporetto Station (we actually walked there, about 1 km). The airport offers
a private boat that can take you directly to San Marco for around 50 euros.
We consider Padova LIPU as the best alternate.

EBST, Belgium

I really want to land here. If I ever get my machine over there, I want to get that done.

Is there a potential fly-in possibility for next year then? I hope it’s not off the cards. Even JasonC can get his Mustang in there, no problem.

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