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aart wrote:

Anyone here flown one?

Yea. It is pretty much what @greg_mp sais: A huge WTF experience, but nevertheless quite amazing. I can hugely recommend trying it (get in shape before you do though). I’d love it if gyms had one of those, that would be one reason for me to attend them more.

The feel is weird. You have to loose all pilots instincts and totally re-invent flying. But once you get the hang out of it, it’s really amazing.

Come to think of it: Here’s a couple of pics I took recently at work: not very clear I’m afraid but heavens are those birds great to watch. This is a red kite soaring on the small ledge our met station is on.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

I used various FNPT2 sims during IR training but sadly I have never managed to get a home sim to work for me. The last time I tried was to download the demo version of X plane onto my Macbook Pro with extra RAM and graphic cards etc. All I got was error messages about terrain not loaded with no suggestion of how to get round it. Gawd I hate this sort of IT it stresses me out big time. Decided, it was cheaper and more fun to fly for real even of it is in a UL.
Haven’t tried a trike or paramotor yet.


gallois wrote:

Macbook Pro

Xplane is pretty difficult to get going, I’ve looked at it several times and left it. It is an expert system which needs quite a bit of background knowledge, even though this has massively improved over the last several versions.

For Mac, there is not much choice I’m afraid. You might want to have a look at Aerofly. It is a relatively new sim but is quite stunning in some regards. I’ve so far only used it on mobile devices, where imho it is the only usable sim, but I’ve seen a demo on a PC which looked quite interesting. They are also focussing hard on VR glasses and similar things.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

Thanks @Mooney_Driver I will take a look at that and the VR glasses on other games seem to be good.


The yearly video from DCS is out

The elephant is the circulation
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