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I have ben using DIY for some time, but wasn’t free of quicks, then get fed up with these. I finally bought a TrackIR – expensive for what it is, currently “the norm” since years. It works with a light metal frame you put on provided baseball cap. Then there is a IR emitter tranmitter you attached to the screen, connected on a USB socket. It’s plug and play and works right out of the box, just don’t play with a window behind you, even dual layer glass windows cannot filter all IR from the daylight sun and it won’t work.

LFMD, France

I can seriously recommend Tobii Eye Tracker 5 – I was previously using VR (Oculus Quest connected via cable) but the issue was making sure you could blindly operate the correct buttons on your controllers.

The Tobii eye tracker 5 doesn’t require you to wear anything and its responsiveness is really good. I love the fact that I can zoom in and zoom out of dials. Mark at Simhangar tested it here:

I bought it whilst it was on special offer (€209) but even at €249 it really improves the immersiveness of Flight Simulator.

EDL*, Germany

We had our little breaktrhough tonight with the 737-800 sim I’ve been working on for the last year.

After a lot of work, we managed to do a first short test flight out of ZRH and back, 30 mins, but it was a really great feeling to see this sim perform. I am totally stunned how well it does that, even though it is far from finished.

Ready to go

Flying the departure by FMS and LNAV/VNAV

Final Approach to Runway 14 in ZRH.

For myself, it was fun to see how fast things come back. It’s been close to 10 years since I last had to do with a Boeing and the first time I’ve ever had to do with a 737-800. All the airliner stuff I did in between was Airbus related. But it did not take long for the programming of the FMS and the rest to come back and it took a couple of YT videos and some systems study to get the sim going. Flying it tonight was sheer pleasure.

Well, that is what Prepare3D with ProSim737 can do. Have to say, I am very positively surprised and impressed with the performance of this sim.

LSZH, Switzerland

Looks very nice

The elephant is the circulation

Austin Meyers commited another very nice video about comparing cirrus jet to other stuff, and efficiency…

LFMD, France

A few pics of a short test flight today, LSZH-LSZR with go around and back to LSZH.

On the way to runway 28 in ZRH

Final 10 at LSZR

The scenery quality is quite surprising. First time today that I saw it working in daylight.

The panel is now fully operational

Final 28 in LSZH

The sim is proving much better than expected even considering that it is still running a 2 year old software rather than the very latest. The learning curve to getting to grips with the 737NG is also quite steep. But it is big fun to fly.

Bringing that sim back to live after dismantling and rebuilding it without much documentation was a huge feat. It is only since about 2 weeks now (after a full year of works) that it is running pretty reliable. Then, last week, we lost the internet connection we had (over 3G as the room has no internet itself, due to a building being raised next to the one we are in. Had to change provider, now it works again. Still lots to do, such as getting real weather going and getting a working instructor station.

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LSZH, Switzerland

It looks amazing! You must be (and should be) very proud!

EIWT Weston, Ireland

Thanks @dublinpilot.

We are quite pleased with the result and think it will be a great tool for our membership to enjoy.

The next step now will be to recruit some instructors who can operate the sim for those who will fly it. Also there is still quite a lot of work ahead of us.

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LSZH, Switzerland

I did some flying in a friend’s sim with a VR set. Quite nice I must say. Then someone alerted me to this:

Of course nothing to do with piloting an aircraft, but still must be a fun experience. Anyone here flown one?

As you can see I’m starting to prepare myself for the day that some doctor takes away my medical, especially now that the Danish route has been closed off

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

A little bit too much “wtf” for me.

LFMD, France
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