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Getting PPL with combination of and (Poland)

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Hello, first, thank you for the space to ask these types of questions and I apologize if not the right section.

I’m looking to get a PPL for airplane. I’m 34 year old living in Krakow, Poland (I’m originally from SouthAmerica and I’m not an european citizen)

I was interested in getting the license via academy GoldWings that has base in Krakow so it would be easier to me to fit the practical trainings as much as possible.
however I wanted some suggestions and tips from experienced pilots or from students that might know about his academy.

I have checked on their option for PPL and they have this:

Economic theoretical course 400 euro
PRO Individual theoretical course 1300 euro
45 h New PS-28 “glass cockpit” or Diamond DA-20 from 6 900 euro
For non-commercial license courses 23% VAT will be added

my first doubt is about the theory part;
As I understand (haven’t confirmed with them) one is able to get the exams done on their own (my idea was to do it via studying from and then scheduling the exams via the “austro control” platform I’ve come to understand that the theory is not really that hard and should be able to do it on my own. I guess I would have to have an idea about the price of each exam and the cost of the studying material from BGS to have an idea of it.

Then I have the second doubt about the learning method in Goldwings, I understand the training is done on "PS-28 “glass cockpit”" (which is a PS-28 Cruiser).
after doing this part will I be able to present an exam for the PPL or will I be getting the PPL. This part is not so clear to me and I feel that I don’t know enough to make the “right question”.

so basically, what I’m looking is for recommendations on how to obtain my PPL.

thank you and I hope I get more knowledge as times goes by :)

Always Learning :)
1 Post
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