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New member - hello from Poland

Just want to say hello and introduce myself to this great place of sharing experience. (Peter2000 –your positive input to GA across Europe can only be compared with EU treaty of Schengen!). I am a 41 y/o PPL pilot with ca. 350 hrs for the last 10 yrs (Cessna 150,172,182, rarely 206) I operate from EPBC in Warsaw and I am familiar with a few very scenic routes and places in Poland ( EPJA with beautiful beach on Baltic sea, EPNT near Tatry mountains, Smolnik which is by the Ukrainian boarder with no serious civilization in radial of 30 km). I hope to be helpful when someone intends to fly to Poland.

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Welcome aleksansee !!
More and more polish pilots on euroGA ! GA seems growing in this part of Europe, that’s great !

LFOU, France


Welcome to EuroGA, aleksansee

I’ve never been to Poland. I planned to fly there a few years ago to meet up with another TB pilot but never got around to it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Welcome / Witamy :)

LPFR, Poland

Hi There welcome and the invitation is also reciprocated in case you want to fly to Budapest.


Welcome, I’d be glad to read some trip reports from Poland.

Forever learning

Hello Aleksansee. I’m thinking of coming to Babice for a meeting in Warsaw this weekend. Previously I’ve been to Modlin but Babice looks much more convenient For Warsaw. However I’ve heard that Babice can be very busy and that English on the radio might be an issue. I’d be glad of any advice! Thanks, Avelng.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

EPBC is definitely the most convinient way to get to Warsaw. The airport can indeed get quite busy as there is a number of flight schools based there. Lack of local language proficiency is not a blocker. Once you would tune to local frequency chances are you woudl hear foreign students communicating with tower in “English”. Last time I was attempting to land there on a “D-” airplane, I was told on initial radio contact that the airport is “closed” to incoming traffice becuase of heavy training activity. Our response was that we are members of the local club. The trick worked – you need somebody who speaks Polish to do it – and we were allowed to join the pattern. If I remember correctly we were number 5 or 6 on the downwind.
If you can land on grass than Konstancin airstrip would also be a good alternative to Modlin.

Don’t forget EPWA. People at EPBC can be a bit rude and “airport closed” above is a good summary of attitude toward guests. One should not generalize, but that was my experience. Lack of ILS and dense VFR traffic at EPBC are other arguments to consider EPWA. When landing at EPWA runway 33 (typical) you get “long landing approved”, so you don’t taxi for 3km, then go to the right A0 at end of runway and you’re at GAT.

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LPFR, Poland
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