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Pilot Apps?

Hi All. I’m just wondering what pilot apps people find particularly helpful?

What would be your top 3, and how do they enhance flying for you?

On the Galaxy Tab:
Skydemon. Easy flight planning and intuitive to use. Easy transfer of data through the cloud.

On the Galaxy S-3:
Fly IS Fun. Best Value for money for any phone navigation app.
Flight Time Calculator.

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

Easy VFR is the one I like most.

Forever learning

Another vote for SkyDemon. It is one of the great advances of light aviation over the last decade or more. It make planning and execution, both VFR and IFR, so easy. It is a real “one stop shop.”

Most of the other great products, Gramet and Autorouter, are web sites rather than apps.

EGKB Biggin Hill

For me it would probably be Skydemon, Logten Pro and Roster buster.

I also frequently use Aeroweather

United Kingdom

The apps I use in flight

Golze ADL120 (although hardware needed as well).
Garmin Pilot
RocketRoute 4 (plates flight plans etc)
I am sure SD could work well as an alternative I just didnt get on with it.

I find the Aeroplus weather app a bit flaky to be honest. When it works it is really good but sometimes it just won’t update for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Web based :


EGTK Oxford

I think it is wrong to limit a review to “apps” i.e. executables on a computer.

For example, for IFR, just about everything of relevance is not an “app” but is a website.

Nowadays it is fashionable to want an “app” for everything but any competently designed website (or any website which is so simple in structure that it doesn’t matter e.g. mine) works on any browser including phone browsers, and you don’t have to keep updating some “app” to make it support the new features or bug fixes of whoever is running the server which runs the code which interfaces to the “app”.

I don’t use any “apps”

Speaking of satellite phone data (airborne data) it is true that all systems that use Iridium have to use an “app” on the airborne computer (because the Iridium data rate is so poor that open internet access is almost unworkable), if one uses Thuraya this is not a problem and one can go back to a browser. However, even with Thuraya, it remains highly desirable to access a custom private URL which strips off e.g. advertising banners, and there are several such private websites which deliver all the usual aviation weather. These cannot be openly published because most of the data sources prohibit republication.

Last Edited by Peter at 09 Sep 19:45
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

EasyVFR by PocketFMS obviously :)
These days I don’t use any other apps for flying, as it’s got everything that I need (flight planning, moving map, detailed weather (not just METARs & TAFs by detailed forecast data), NOTAMs and electronic flight plan filing).

I don’t do IFR flight, but from what I’ve heard from anyone who does, the EuroGA AutoRouter has revolutionised their flight planning, so should be in the top three.

EIKH Kilrush

All iOS, on iPhone, iPad mini and iPad:

JeppFD for VFR and IFR Charts
World Aviation Weather
S+h (Flight hours calculator)
Regen Radar (German Rain Radar)
Cirrus Pro (SR22 Performance)
Metar Map
Golze ADL 120
Several Webcam Apps
Good Reader (for all manuals in PDF format)

If you are including external hardware, then I agree that ADL120 is superb.

But it doesn’t cost 59p in the AppStore!

EGKB Biggin Hill
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