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Pierre Robin 1927-2020

Didn’t know there was Monsieur Robin! Only flew one of his airplanes once but really liked it. Bon vol et RIP.

Bon vol Pierre Robin – wonderful aeroplanes.

172driver wrote:

Didn’t know there was Monsieur Robin!

The family tradition continued with his son, Christophe, and Dyn-Aero.

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I met Pierre Robin once at the little airfield of Marennes where the late Jean Delmontez was president of the club there. Jean Delmontez was selling what is probably the ugliest aircraft he ever designed and built “the Delvion”, a diesel version of the Jodel D 112. Thinking about it, it is probably the ugliest plane ever built but it did do what M. Delmontez set out to do. A couple of friends bought one but I don’t think it ever got used. It just became a hangar queen until they sold it.
I overheard messieurs Robin and Delmontez discussing the question they were most often asked Pierre Robin said his response is to shrug his shoulders and say “why not?”(in French of course) Jean Delmontez replied that he said something along the lines of “it seemed like a good idea at the time and it seemed to work?”
They were of course talking of the cranked wing. My impression of them was that they were just born to be plane designers and builders.
RIP both.

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Christophe Robin is now head of design by Daher.
The Robin family is really gifted to recognise a good design when they see one.

I wish the Robin aircraft a lot of success to come and Bon vol M. Pierre Robin !

EDMG, Germany

Had to look up the Delvion.

Why? Why?…


What engine is in there?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The wheel pants were fashionable at that time

Rest in Peace Monsieur Robin.

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LFOU, France

denopa wrote:

Had to look up the Delvion.

Why? Why?…

“A little less conversation, a little more action, please”

Minute 1:03 looks like that one !

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

@Peter, the Delvion apparently used a Peugeot diesel with belt reduction drive.

I’d I were in Europe and buying a new plane, I think it’d be a Robin. RIP.

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