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Flying a F Reg ULM from France to the UK

Hi, I currently live in France and I’m looking to purchase ULM.
Once purchased I will be looking to tour France and other European countries but also my main focus is the ability to fly back to UK to see family, I messaged the CIA seeking clarification that this is possible and some six weeks later I’ve still not had a response, I have sent a follow up message stating that if I did something illegal I’m sure I would get a very quick response!
Does anybody have any knowledge or can point me in the right direction where I can seek clarification that I will be able to fly without any problem subject of course flight plan
I have a French ULM licence, French PPL (A) licence transferred from UK
I’m very grateful for any knowledge shared
thanks Mike


Hello Mike,
You are right to check this before buying a UL. There are many people telling totally different stories on that subject.

Everything is here → link

LFOU, France

There is a bilateral agreement which to some extent covers France/UK.
The problem is that this has changed for ULM in the last year as France increased its MTOW from 450kg to 500kg, 525 with parachute and IIRC 575kg with prachute and floats ( you would need to check this last figure as it from memory) meanwhile AFAIK the UK microlight MTOW has remained at 450kg (475kg with parachute??).
So if you buy a ULM certified/ registered under the old French MTOW you should be ok.
On the other hand there is no reason why, as you have a PPL you can’t treat the ULM in the same way as you would an experimental when flying to the UK whichbi covered by the bilateral agreement, IMHO.


I think this is the UK CAA exemption your looking for
I just spent 6 days in Bordeaux Saucats getting a French ULM licence on the back of my UK PPL. I sold my UK registered Eurofox and should be picking up my Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen from Avignon at the end of the year. I’m based in France but will be visiting the UK.

EGHR,LF6252, France
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