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France accepts UK sub-ICAO licences and medical declarations

Where France leads, will other countries follow?

Overflight of France by visiting National UK PtF Aircraft

Pilots should check they have up to date information.

The DGAC has updated, following Brexit, their specific rulings on the overflight of French territory by amateur built and certain historic aircraft registered in the United Kingdom.

Details are on the DGAC website and include courtesy English translations:
Detail links to the French and English versions of the decrees that apply are:-

In general, the terms are:
Pilots may fly amateur build aircraft for private activity, VFR only, for up to 28 consecutive days subject to them having a valid UK certificate of airworthiness (or permit to fly).
Historic aircraft, are permitted on the same basis. These are defined as aircraft falling in category 1(a) (i) of Annex I to Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2018*, and that a type certificate or an individual certificate of airworthiness meeting the requirements of Annex 8 of the Chicago Convention has been issued to such an aircraft, and that the aircraft was constructed by a manufacturer authorised by the former holder of the type certificate.
*In general, this means factory-built former CofA aircraft, whose initial design was established before 1 January 1955, and production has been stopped before 1 January 1975, now operating on an LAA Permit to Fly. Certain LAA-overseen former military types are also covered within this definition.

The DGAC require and accept pilots of the above aircraft overflying France provided they hold a current Pilots Licence and associated medical as required and issued in the state of registration of the aircraft. This means that as well as ICAO compliant licences & medicals, UK NPPL and UK LAPL licenses and Pilot Medical Declarations will be accepted by DGAC. The principle applied is that if the licence and associated medical is valid to fly such aircraft in the country of registration, it is accepted in France.
Note: this does not necessarily apply to pilots of Part-21 Certificated aircraft or in other EASA states

Rules of the Air
Pilots should of course operate in France or any other third country in accordance with the national rules of the air for the country concerned. It is vital pilots familiarise themselves with the differences that apply. There is further information on flights outside the UK in LAA Technical Leaflet TL 2.08.
LAA Info document 18th June 2021

local PDF copies

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

This is really interesting!

I have heard for years that France (and France only, outside the UK) accepts the NPPL, albeit with a Class 2 medical being needed, and for any aircraft, not just “permit”. Is there a reference for this? I can’t find it, which is curious. It would be in French domestic aviation law, not EASA regs.

EDIT: found it

The above PDF link is, of course, dead

The same info can be found in various publications from the 2010-2013 period but all contain the same dead DGAC link.

EDIT: The WIKI entry for the NPPL states

Holders of the NPPL are qualified to fly within UK airspace including the Isle of Man,[ 4 ] Channel Islands and now France.[ 5 ]

but the PDF linked to under [ 5 ] does not actually mention France.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think NPPL+Class2 for SEP has been removed from French law with the LAPL introduction, but you can still fly TMG/SLMG with NPPL+Class2 but you need a paper from UK CAA to certify that you have everything for PPL(TMG) without holding it…

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Do you have a reference, Ibra?

I am sure somebody from France can dig this out – if they know where to look. French domestic regs are very hard to find – as was found with the homebuilt parking permit stuff.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I can tell you that a French LAPL still has to go to an AME to get his/her medical. The self declaration or GP attestation for that is something that is being pushed but without success for the moment.
But I did think that @Jacko s post was pretty clear and so I am not sure I understand what the question is.


@Ibra I don’t remember France ever having an NPPL. The nearest I can think of is the Brevet de Base which IIRC did require class2.


Yes Brevet de Base needs C2/C1 medical but UK NPPL was valid in French airspace in G-reg before the EASA LAPL was introduced but you need C2/C1 medical (while in UK DVLA, PMD, LAPL medicals could be accepted for NPPL depending on seats & types)

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

But isn’t the information that @Jacko posted saying that you can fly a UK registered aircraft in French airspace for a maximum of 28 days at a time on a UK NPPL with a self declared medical, as long as these conditions are permitted in the UK.


I should have added that this bilateral agreement is for PtF aircraft. Don’t forget in France we have different categories of aircraft class all with C of As of one type or another. Eg CNSK for kit CDNR for orphans then there is a category CDNA for amateur built and another CDN?? for the equivalent aircraft to classic cars etc. Whereas I think in the UK the LAA is responsible for issuing permits to fly for all such aircraft.
AIUI this is a bilateral agreement and is an extension of the previous bilateral agreement to cover areas where the DGAC and not EASA have responsibility. I don’t think the DGAC can make a bilateral agreement on what are certified as EASA aircraft.
But I might be wrong, when I get chance I will go some research.


Jacko’s post is for Permit aircraft.

That is in itself a valuable option. I was wondering what happened to the older “NPPL + any aircraft” one.

Posts crossed

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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