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vic wrote:

In that case all you need is the TRIG TN 72 GPS receiver feeding the transponder for certified OUT, at € 530.- . For having traffic alerts you get any app you like on the tablet etc. with ADS-B IN by WIFI like the PAW Rosetta does – no extra wires in the cockpit. So for renters this would be a case to have the owner install an s-tx plus the TN 72 for certified OUT , useful for TCAS as well.

You nailed it, Vic. This is exactly what I would like to see.

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

InFlight traffic information portable device for Europe

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if there’s a portable device available to connect with SkyDemon for reporting traffic around me during flights across Europe (specifically the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria). I’ve come across two intriguing options online: the PilotAware Rosetta and the low-cost Stratux ADS-B receiver. However, being relatively new to this field, I’m uncertain about what exactly I need.

My primary goal is to monitor other aircraft in the vicinity. Ideally, the device would be capable of detecting both Mode A/C and ADS-B transmissions, although I think that starting with ADS-B alone would be enough too. However, since I won’t always be flying my own aircraft, installing something permanent isn’t an option. I require a portable solution that I can take with me from one aircraft to another.

So, onto my questions:

1) Is there a device that performs adequately when placed inside the cockpit alongside the antennas? Will it maintain sufficient range, or would investing in such a setup be futile compared to relying solely on FIS?
2) Do you have any recommendations for a device that you personally use for this purpose?
3) How prevalent are ADS-B transponders in Europe? Can I expect to detect traffic reliably with just an ADS-B receiver, or would I also need a Mode A/C detector?

LKLT, Israel

There is a large thread on this already and i’m sure someone will provide a link to it.

Personally i use Safesky. It is an app that gives you many different types of traffic (adsb, flarm, hangliders,…) but it does require an internet connection to use it.
There is a free version but for €35/year you get the premium version which can supply traffic info into skydemon.

EBZW, Belgium

PilotAware (I use that one), SafeSky, Flarm, see other threads?


@Mher_Tolpin post moved to existing thread on portable devices.

Europe does not generally support GA when it comes to spending any significant money.

A search on TIS also digs up other discussions which mostly relate to TIS over Mode S and that could have been done but was not done because it involves spending upwards of 100k per radar, and only GA would potentially use it. And any ground based broadcast solutions are not viable because you can’t get the money out of GA users, and ATC would not supply the traffic data anyway.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’m hearing some good things about Safesky and will give it a try. Question: I already radiate ADS-B so could the Safesky ‘system’ see me twice, once via GSM once via their ADS-B sourcing and could this potentially cause a problem? They must have thought of this, so I guess not but just making sure.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

@aart you have to input the hex code of your aircraft in safesky. So it will filter out your own aircraft.

I think that the skyecho works the same way.

EBZW, Belgium

OK, thanks. Actually, when inputting my call sign in the app, it already loaded that code. And a pic.. Smooth onboarding..

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

As part of a promotional offer I have just been given SafeSky Premium for free for a couple of weeks.
What interested me was the updates including weather. Has anybody tried SafeSky weather updates?
The blurb of what comes with SafeSky premium:-

“These include: an advanced SmartRadar, weather updates, traffic integration with your navigation software, the ability to supplement your existing hardware installation, and much more.”


It´s an amazing application, with s huge attribution to aviation safety. While not perfect, like any other aviation product isn´t, it´s amazing for what it is. SafeSky ALL the way!

Socata Rallye MS.893E
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