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Oxygen - equipment, getting refills, refill hoses, safety, etc

High altitude IFR is really hard work

Do you find the Ogimet site to be accurate.

Within reasonable aircraft performance parameters, yes. For example if the tops are forecast FL120 they are unlikely to be FL160 so if you can go to FL190 and you can climb up through anything in the departure area, you are good to go.

But nothing beats the IR image taken before the flight - see here.

For tight work e.g. looking to see if the tops will be 3300ft because the base of CAS is 3500ft, there is no solution and there never will be one - short of a very accurately calibrated satellite IR image which nobody (especially the €-run EUMETSAT consortium) is going to be publishing for less than loads of €.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

With you can get it 'roughly' calibrated. There is an altitude option in 2000m steps. So if it is in the blues (2/4/6km) you can overfly it.

United Kingdom

The site is very good, and the altitude annotation seems to be a very new thing. I wonder if one can extract just the image...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It is there since this April

United Kingdom

Is it possible to use the MH O2D2 regulators with a built-in O2 system? If so do you plug into say the pilot side only and have two cannulae from the unit? Excuse my ignorance on these things...I have never used O2 but am looking at an airplane which has a built-in system

YPJT, United Arab Emirates

There are adapters and 'pre-regulators' for many built in systems. STR regulators

United Kingdom

Anthony: see my blogpost on it for pictures. You will see plastic lines running to the aircraft O2 system.. Yes, you can connect the MH to your aircraft system, but you will need an inline pressure reducing regulator to sit in between. Tell MH what kind of aircraft you will fly and they will give you proper advice.

Blogpost: MH inline regulator:

EDLE, Netherlands

Thanks Sjoerd....I read your blog just after I made my post...

YPJT, United Arab Emirates

The site is very good, and the altitude annotation seems to be a very new thing. I wonder if one can extract just the image...

The base IR image is here. Then there are layers on top of this image: rain, cities, clouds and lightning.

You need some dhtml to compose the image, like I did here.

Dear fellow airmen.

I’m going to purchase Oxygen system. I need it first of all for conviniece, becase after 2 hours of flight at FL095 I can’t even drink a beer without consequences.

So, generally, what is the maximum flight level for prolonged flight without oxygen at all? For pilot? For passengers (without damage to health), especially 10-11 yr old kids?

I’m considering Aerox system, but trying to understand, if my passengers may need it or not. So choosing between 2 or 4 seat version. Type I’m flying on is C172, so the maximum I can reach at this moment is FL140.

What are your thoughts on this?

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