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Mountain High cylinder refill near Leipzig?

Whilst on our summer Holidays I might need a refill for our Mountain High bottle in or near Leipzig. It’s a long shot but any German forumites have any tips for where I might get a refill? I even saw Obi and Hornbach offer Oxygen refills – but I suspect for some other purpose…

Thanks for any tips!!


EGNV and Fishburn Airfield

These guys are in Leipzig and fill (on request) customer bottles with med. O2
Check with them ?

EDM_, Germany

thanks a lot ch.ess!
I’ll give them a try.


EGNV and Fishburn Airfield

It all depends on the bottle. What kind of valve do you have? DIN or CGA-540?
I doubt that any normal shop has CGA.

United Kingdom

It’ll be the standard MH cylinder – with a 540 union. I got the same outfit as Peter outlines on his website to make up a hose to refill at home but that doesn’t help much when out and about for extended periods. I was planning to give one of the maintainance places at Oppin (like Helitec) a call as well as the place that Ch.ess suggests – worth a shot in the absence of other ideas :)

EGNV and Fishburn Airfield
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