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Free open source tool to simplify import workflow of Garmin G1000 logs from an iPad

Hi there.
Just wanted to share a small iPad app I wrote that’s intended to help simplify workflow around importing, synchronising and uploading Garmin g1000 log.

This is open source, amateur built, and free but hopefully useful.

The idea is that after a flight, you just have to plug in a dongle, insert the SD Card, and the app will automatically search and import new files (no need to navigate and select) then give you ability to see offline immediately basic info like times and fuel, but then sync the file across devices (macOS/iOS) and has hook to automatically upload to flysto or savvy.

Hope it helps, don’t expect much but it’s free and open…

egtf, United Kingdom

Thank you, very useful!

always learning
LO__, Austria
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