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G1000 Navigational database weirdness

Hej everyone,

In the last couple of weeks, our G1000 system in the Cessna 172 is acting up a bit. Every time the MFD is initiated, two screens are shown that we have never seen before.

Initially, there is a black screen with three rows of text “Initializing system. Press any key to continue. Continuing in ”. It usually goes directly to the screen showing which database version that is installed etc.

After that, a question comes up if we want to update the active navigation database. The really weird thing is that it wants to go back to version 2107. We are currently in 2109. If I select Yes, G1000 wants me to confirm that I indeed want to back to an older version. If I confirm that, it indicates that the database installed (1 file updated correctly etc), but once in full operational mode, both the primary and secondary databases, on both PFD and MFD, are using the correct 2109 version. If I select NO to updated to 2107, the boot-up sequence continue and everything works.

This behaviour started a number of weeks ago and I had hoped that it would disappear when I updated the navigational database from 2108→2109, but no such luck.

Have you seen this behavior? Any suggestions on how to mitigate it?

Thanks in advance everyone!

Kind regards,

Someone forgot an old DB update card in the slot?


arj1 wrote:

Someone forgot an old DB update card in the slot?

Good point, I checked that. We usually have a card in the top right slot on the MFD for logging purposes, I tried to boot without that too (thus, both top slots on PFD and MFD respectively being empty) and still the same behavior. I cannot understand where it gets the 2107 DB version from.

I already had a similar problem : instead of copying Navdata file to a spare card, I copied it to the card in the lower slot.

To troubleshot this, you have to use a card reader on your PC and erase the ldr_sys folder which contains Navdata files.

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