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Looking for someone to do a prebuy on a Bonanza in Belgium

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Hello there,

I have a question to the more knowledgeable people here: I am looking for someone to do a pre-buy of the Bonanza I have been looking at since “forever”. It is located in Belgium, so somebody in that area might be helpful. Kindly let me know if you know somebody



Hey Luke, sent you a PM. I can arrange it for you.


I advise:

Qualiflight in Kortrijk (EBKT). You can contact Bernard. He is focussed on FAA.

Gill Aviation in Kortrijk (EBKT). You can contact Bertrand. He is focussed on EASA.

Success !

Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, western Belgium, Belgium

If the aircraft is from Belgium, I wouldn‘t use someone from Belgium.

Habe you thought about who will do maintenance/airworthiness for you in the future? You should! …And consider flying that guy over to Belgium.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I would only have a knowledgeable Bonanza mechanic do a pre-buy. There are very few I would trust. At least here in the US, there is an ABS mechanic course designed to educate mechanics on how to properly inspect and maintain the Bonanza. Areas of special emphasis are the landing gear, corrosion everywhere but in the current environment there can’t be any corrosion on the ruddervators if it is a V tail as these parts are no longer replaceable. ABS is an excellent resource. There are maintenance and inspection guides for the landing gear and the control systems as well as a pre-purchase check list.

KUZA, United States


If the aircraft is from Belgium, I wouldn‘t use someone from Belgium.

…having a conspiracy theory there? ;-)

Last Edited by Vref at 14 Sep 14:59

No conspiracy needed; this is normal aviation prebuy due diligence.

To take the obvious: it would be truly dumb to get a prebuy done by the same company or mechanic which has been maintaining the plane Yet, many people have done exactly that, presumably because it is by far the cheapest option especially for a plane located very far away.

And I guess Bosco’s comment is based on Belgium not being a huge country with hundreds of maintenance companies.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I second the suggestion to have the prebuy done by whoever will be maintaining it. Have done that three times, and not regretted it.
Paying guy from Inverness to go to Cornwall was worth it.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Hi all,

thank you for all the suggestions and the input. The aircraft is on sale by Gill Aviation, so that one fell away very soon.
We will now in a first step have a look at the aircraft with the help of DanBlasier who is often at the airport there. Once done, we will see how to proceed.
Indeed, finding a good shop being not too far away from here (LIPB) might be challenging. Let’s see :)

Thanks all, will keep you updated


However, if you need ferry flight later, just let me know :)

EDLB, Germany
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