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IMC instructor wanted

I'm looking for an IMC instructor who would be willing to teach this rating in my own aircraft. Preferably based around Goodwood or Shoreham. Planning to compete this rating before the big change next year.

If you have any contact details for any suitable instructors, please let me know.

With regards



Andy, did you find a instructor yet?

I know a freelance instructor based near shoreham. I did my imcr with him.

Just let me know.


I know a good one living near Goodwood too. I did some IR training with him for the JAA IR.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I'm sure you have got things sorted by now, but if you were still looking, I can recommend an instructor too. He is based at Redhill but has been known to travel to Shoreham for training before now...

UK, United Kingdom
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