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Class Rating Instructor (ME) / IRI

Hi everyone,

I have few questions regarding Class Rating Instructor (ME). I’m thinking to obtain my CRI(ME) and then add IRI to it.
What are the privileges for class rating instructor (ME) / IRI? Can I teach multi engine instrument??
Will I be attractive for flight schools to do some freelance work?

Would really appreciate some answers. (posted this on a different forum but didn’t get any good answers)



ABCD wrote:

Can I teach multi engine instrument?


ABCD wrote:

Will I be attractive for flight schools to do some freelance work?

Almost certainly. I get quite a few offers in SE UK, though I prefer to remain independent.

EGKB Biggin Hill

@Timothy, thank you for your reply.

You said that I can teach multi engine instrument, but I have heard that a CRI (ME) can not teach towards a license or rating. So basically I can only teach someone that already holds multi engine and IR.

Can you confirm.


ABCD wrote:

You said that I can teach multi engine instrument, but I have heard that a CRI (ME) can not teach towards a license or rating.

FCL.905.CRI CRI — Privileges and conditions
(a) The privileges of a CRI are to instruct for:
  (1) the issue, revalidation or renewal of a class or type rating for single-pilot aeroplanes, except for single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes, when the privileges sought by the applicant are to fly in single-pilot operations;
  (2) a towing or aerobatic rating for the aeroplane category, provided the CRI holds the relevant rating and has demonstrated the ability to instruct for that rating to an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI;
  (3) extension of LAPL(A) privileges to another class or variant of aeroplane.

But then you are also an IRI

FCL.905.IRI IRI — Privileges and conditions
(a) The privileges of an IRI are to instruct for the issue, revalidation and renewal of an EIR or an IR on the appropriate aircraft category.

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

You are not directly using the privileges of your CRI(ME) to teach to a rating, you are using your IRI, but the rules say that you, as an IRI, if you wish to teach on ME, must also have a CRI(ME).

FCL.915.IRI IRI — Prerequisites

(a) for an IRI(A):
(1) have completed at least 800 hours of flight time under IFR, of which at least 400 hours shall be in aeroplanes; and
(2) in the case of applicants of an IRI(A) for multi-engine aeroplanes, meet the requirements of paragraphs FCL.915.CRI(a), FCL.930.CRI and FCL.935;

FCL.930.CRI gives the requirements for the CRI(ME). It may be arguable that you need to have done the CRI(ME) course but not actually be tested, but I think that FCL.935 puts paid to that.

EGKB Biggin Hill

thanks for the answers,

The regulation states you have to completed 800 hours of flight time under IFR.
Do they mean actual flight in clouds?? or flying under IFR flight rules?

I flew for a cargo airline many years ago and we only flew IFR (I mean IFR flight plan) can I count these hours? (My logbook is from USA and we never include if I flew under IFR rules or the flight was VFR)

many thanks



EGKB Biggin Hill

It might be difficult to establish to the satisfaction of your authority that you flew under IFR more than what you logged in a column called IFR.

IFR: Instrument flight rules. You fly under IFR if you decide so. And if you decide so then you must abide to the IFR (valid rating, capable aircraft, request clearance in Classe E etc.).

IMC: Instrument meteorological condition. It does not mean necessarily in clouds. In can mean 4900 vis in class G if you are high enough, or it can mean being at 1450 metres of a cloud in controlled airspace.

Flight with sole reference to instrument: It’s what you wrote you logged under a column called “IFR”.

Paris, France
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