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Help Help Help Any ideas (FAA / EASA license conversion)......

Hi guys, I have a FAA PPL SEP and I have a EASA CPL ME IR , what do I have to do in Order to get my SEP rating from the FAA to my EASA CPL ?.

The requirenents to add a SEP rating to any EASA licence are training as required, plus practical test; no theory exam.

All the FAA licence gets you is a credit for the training required, which given there is no specific requirement makes no difference.

Biggin Hill

Before you complete the SEP Class rating Skill Test you must obtain a Certificate of Course Completion from an ATO. As it will be your first SEP rating on an EASA licence then the test is “initial” and has to be approved by the CAA.

Why does a MEP not give you SEP rights?

EGTK Oxford

For revalidation: because you are in Europe.

Other than that: The (probably correct) assumption seems to be that you do the single rating anyway as that is what you start flyng.

The one thing worth doing as part of the bi-annual flight with an instructor for the purpose of revalidation is the engine failure scenarios / practice glide approaches and landings.

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Biggin Hill

Maybe I do not understand but it seems to me that you have a normal easa cpl me. This means you once had a se rating at some point. In that case all you need to do is a profcheck to have your se reactivated. Once that is done you can have it renewed automatically with your me profcheck if you can proof that you did more than 12 hrs on a sep in that year.

I fail to see why you would want to convert your faa ppl. You just want your easa sep added.

No need for fto’s .. But you may want to do some recurrency training.

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