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$2500 to file an alternate

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In Greenland

You don’t have to use it to get the bill.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Well the devil is in the detail.

You cannot use the airport as an alternate if it is not open. If you file them as alternate then they will extend operating hours to ensure they remain a viable alternate for you, whether you actually use it or not.

I dont see why they would not charge you if they open for you.

A different mater is whether the amount is fair and more questionable is the not sharing concept when two operators file it as alternate.

Everything in Greenland is expensive and opening an IFR-international airport at night in winter and keeping it open despite the snow…well I am not sure it can cost less than that.

IN good wx and daytime? Perhaps one could argue. But then this is a year-round amount.

Thanks for bringing it up @Peter.

The really burdensome detail is the ‘public holiday’ timetable. If unaware, you may file happily thinking you will not be charged since the airport is supposed to be open, only to get the hefty bill later. I guess you are covered by your typical advance emailing practice, but not everyone does it!

LESB, Spain

Do they in any way verify who sent the flight plan? Because if they don’t…


What if you file them as a second alternate? Are they going to be aware of it at all if you don’t contact them via PPR?

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Dimme wrote:

Do they in any way verify who sent the flight plan?

I am impressed they can get the adress of PIC & REG (maybe just like CAA & NATS )

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

I am impressed they can get the adress of PIC & REG

Nitpick, but I expect they send to the owner/operator, not the PIC :) The REG is in the FPL, isn’t it?


I’ll file a few test flight plans for N113AC. @Peter, please let us know what you get invoices for. i’ll also file a second alternate.

More seriously – a filed flight plan cannot really be construed to be a contract. How can this possibly be enforcable?

Of course the airport could denounce the operator for flying without a valid alternate.

Biggin Hill

lionel wrote:

The REG is in the FPL, isn’t it?

I meant the adress of the REG but you are right they will invoice the owner/operator

Took 8 month to receive an invoice from Bergerac, I could not pay as I landed on after hours
The bill was sent to US Trust then their Norflok office, London, some NewZeland holiday home, London, then to me as PIC
Took me 1 month for me to pay the 8Euros with lot of efforts on my side

Anyone who reads FPL is probably very motivated to take payments ;)

Last Edited by Ibra at 11 Jun 18:37
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

For an N-reg, the bill is sent to the US trust which forwards it to the owner with an indignant letter telling him they are not his accountancy service

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am advised the following:

Those are EDTO (ETOPS) fees which won’t apply to small aeroplanes. There’s still a 3 figure fee for aerodrome usage out of hours with some exceptions.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
10 Posts
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