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Europe Trip in July - Spain, France, Lux.

Seeing that the answer from Spain was singned by 'Fabrizio D'Urso' I was puzzled. It's clearly not a spanish but italian name. Mistery solved :-) Cross your fingers. Usually our beloved CAA (DGAC/AESA) is very sloooooow to give a written answer for almost every consult.

It's your Sierra certified under CS-VLA? Or it is 'experimental'? If its the former, you won't have any problem, for sure.

LESU is a lovely place. Tricky to land in some wind conditions. La Cerdanya (LECD) is almost as scenic but usually there is much more activity going on there. There is a bar/restaurant open everyday and a swiming pool where you can refresh and relax between flights. AVGAS is also available. I would recommend LECD in first place.

LECU - Madrid, Spain

I just received permission (in the nick of time!) from Spain, so we are good to go. :)

EGKL, United Kingdom

Well, the trip has begun... not quite as per the plan, but I write this from Lyon centre, where we ended up ... it was supposed to be Chambery but we just couldn't get in so diverted to here. We'll have another go at Chambery and Annecy tomorrow before moving to Aosta for the night.

EGKL, United Kingdom

Just in case anyone wants to read up on how we are doing, i'm blogging it on a google document here:


In a nutshell, we've been to Le Touquet, Lyon, Chambery, Annecy, Aosta, Venice, Elba, Calvi, Montpellier, Sabadell.

Coming soon: Ibiza, Pamplona, home.

I know the advice was to take a break here and there, but we have just been enjoying it so much we keep on flying.

Totals So Far: 1509nm 13:26 268 litres 19.9lph. Avg-Ground-Speed 112kts

EGKL, United Kingdom

Super trip.

Super pictures.

What an adventure!

But you have an unfair advantage: you have a GIRL with you

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ha ha, very true...

Amazingy, my Girl is the one encouraging MORE flying!

Me: "How about 2 nights in Barcelona" Her: "No! I want to visit new places!"

Awesome :)

EGKL, United Kingdom

Just landed in ibiza and i've written up day 7 report here

Internet's terrible so no photos i'm afraid. It was great to meet another G reg pilot from White Waltham at the Ibiza fuel pumps!

EGKL, United Kingdom

Latest report from Ibiza to Pamplona now written up.

EGKL, United Kingdom

We're back home, and all in one piece. I've just written up the final day, same link as before. I'll paste a bit here....

Final Ramblings and Conclusions

  • Which are our favorite photos? I’ve put together an album of my favories, that tells the whole story. It is here.

  • What was our favourite place? We really liked all the locations, but loved Elba. Unspoilt, quiet and just really nice all around. Even the airport was the most friendly of all.

  • What was our least favourite place? Venice. Middle of tourist season, a total hellhole of a tourist trap. We were like sardines on the Voporetto and the food was all rubbish and expensive.

  • What was our favourite flight? No doubt - the Alps crossing. Amazing and breathtaking, all the way from entering Chambery, through to Aosta, and then back out into mainland Italy

  • Which airports visited? 13! FRANCE: Lyon Brun, Chambery, Annecy ITALY: Aosta, Venice Lido, Elba FRANCE: Calvi (Corsica), Montpellier SPAIN: Sabadell (Barcelona), Ibiza, Pamplona FRANCE: La Rochelle

  • What state is the aircraft in? Needs a service and an oil change! Aside from that she's great, and didn't give us a single issue. 21 hours is a hell of a lot of flying for a week.

  • Isn't Italy a VFR nightmare? No, it's fine. The north west is one huge Class A TMA, so you have to stay under that, but elsewhere we found them to be fine. A few stations could not understand me and chose to ignore me, so I just flew without being on Radar service for a while.

  • Isn't Spain a baron wasteland with no airfields and a nightmare to fly? Yes and No, it's certainly a big ugly wasteland, but there was always somewhere to do a forced landing. Airports are a beurocratic mess, Fuel is expensive, but it's worth it for the destinations. Ibiza was actually our favourite airport as they mixed big jets with small GA so well.

  • How's France to fly all over? Brilliant, better than the UK. Helpful controllers, High airspace, not much class A, the Flight Information services are excellent.

  • What would i do different? On the flying- I pushed on a bit too far on the first day to make our booked hotel. I should have thrown that away sooner before i got into a minor pickle. On the staying- Try to reduce taxi times.

  • How do I rate the aircraft? G-TESR never ceases to impress. The economy and speed is fantastic and there's a gadget for every occasion. The cruise speed means you can split a long journey up into chunks and go somewhere good on each stop without flying more than 2 hours. The only way she could be better would be even more speed!

  • Favorite Gadget? The iPad is the one I can't live without. I used it for flight planning, filing flight plans, GAR form. It was often tethered to my mobile phone when WIFI wasn't available. The laptop was only really used for updating photos and the blog, not essential equipment. On board the aircraft, the iPad was brilliant again, but always used in conjunction with the FlyMap L. I love having the two side by side, one with Jeppensen maps, and one with Sky Demon. The Autopilot was the thing that reduced the workload the most, without this the long legs would have been much more effort. I've finally learned to love the EFIS, using it on 1013 for flight levels in conjunction with the altimeter on the QNH. I still don't look at the speed on the EFIS.

  • Was anyone killed by the bulls in Pamplona? No deaths so far, but there are 4 more days to go yet. Quite a few hospitalisations and tens of terrified runners. It's a properly brutal experience, and i'm not sure whether to support the men or the bulls!

  • How were Ibiza's nightclubs? No idea, we were in bed by 21:30! €50 entry fee was better spent on AVGAS.

  • What did we forget? My shaver, a pair of shorts, and engine oil! The latter 2 purchased on location.

  • How was booking all hotels last minute? I've never done this before, i like to have things booked up in advance, but it was actually fine. We checked the day before, and then made final bookings from the iPad on Expedia when we arrived. I don't understand people that ask for Advice on hotels - for example a guy who arrived at Le Touquet on day 1 was asking the girl on the desk to find him a hotel. Hotels are a personal thing, and you must prioritise what you want - by the beach, in the city, close to the airport, etc. Expedia is great for this. We found that if Expedia shows a hotel is full, and you really like it, give the hotel a call directly, they may have a last minute room.

  • Would we do it again? In a flash, it's been great, a good balance between me flying and us enjoying places as a couple. It's one of the most exciting and memorable things i've ever done.

  • How do we feel now? At 18:42, we only landed a few hours ago, and i've somehow found the energy to write this. We're both totally knackered!

  • Final Journey Stats: 2474 nautical miles (2845 statute 'normal' miles) 21 hours 50 minutes flying 446 litres of fuel at a whopping €1101 fuel. I miss my MOGAS Unleaded! 20.4 litres per hour burned Avg Ground Speed 113kts. I was surprised this was so low. €395 landing fees. €50 Cost per flying Hour in fuel €0.44 Cost per mile 28 miles per Gallon

EGKL, United Kingdom

Great reports and a very efficient aircraft. Over 5nm per litre is very good.

EGTK Oxford
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