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Europe Trip in July - Spain, France, Lux.

Zaragoza is definitely strictly PPR, or was last time I tried to go there.

They even cancelled my Eurocontrol flight plan on one occassion when the PPR was done by the office at Granada (and I was there to hear the phone call) but Zaragoza claimed to not have received it.

Luckily I had not yet departed...

I think Zaragoza is part military...

Great city to visit though.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As you are passing by so close, definitely stop by La Seu and La Cerdanya before Sabadell. The former airfield is the Sedona of Europe, sitting atop a hill top. Well located for dropping into Andorra for a night.


Can I suggest that people post ICAO airport codes in addition to names.

For example I cannot find "La Seu".

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Google is your friend LESU.

EGTK Oxford

Thanks for all the suggestions

I'm concerned about the Spanish UL thing ... my aircraft is 600kg MTOW, does anyone know what the technical UL definition is in Spain? And where the regulation banning them is? I can't spot it on the plates.


EGKL, United Kingdom

Microlights in Spain are called ultraligeros, and the maximum weight for "normal" two-place ultralights is 450 kgs. So probably you won't have problem with that.

See here.

But the question is not only whether your Sierra is to be considered an ultralight or not. The more general question is: what type of CofA do you hold? Is it a full CofA? Probably it is some kind of restricted CofA / permit-to-fly thing, but I am no expert.

Anyway, whenever you don't have a full CofA, you need to at least ask yourself the question "am I allowed to fly in country xy" and "am I allowed to operate at airport xy"? That's why there is no need for a specific rule banning ultralights on airports in certain countries. There are not considered "aircraft" at all in certain country's ANOs, thus no access to airports. Italy used to be like this as well, but things have changed a little over recent years.

There is no free lunch. Otherwise, most of us would be flying experimentals...

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Hi Boscomantico,

OK, it's good to know i'm not confused under the UL rules. That's what I expected.

Don't worry about the legalities of flying permit aircraft - I have that fully in hand. There is a wealth of experience in the LAA and these topics are well known. A convention was signed that pretty much allows the whole of europe, with a few exceptions, those exceptions requiring permission in advance which is pretty much automatically granted. My aircraft under the previous owner has travelled as far as portugal and italy - all completely legally.


EGKL, United Kingdom

This is not my field but I recall reports from UK pilots wanting to fly Permit aircraft to Spain, reporting delays of 1-2 months from the Spanish CAA. This could be old info but it's worth a check.

Yes, if the US Experimentals could live in Europe indefinitely and fly all over Europe and fly IFR, we would nearly all be flying them...

A convention was signed that pretty much allows the whole of europe

There was a convention signed in the 1980s but almost everybody ignored it immediately afterwards. Maybe there is a more recent one. But if you are into the LAA information pipeline then you will know all this.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I've just had a reply back from the spanish people....

Mr. Meek, in accordance to ECAC recommendation N. INT.S/11-1, home built aircraft registered in any State member are allowed to fly over any other State member without any additional limitation of those reported in the relevant Certificate of Airworthiness.

Best regards Fabrizio D'Urso

EGKL, United Kingdom

D'Oh - Silly me.... that was from Italy :(

Spanish yet to reply!

EGKL, United Kingdom
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