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Autorouter issues and questions (merged)

Jepp has RASTA3H on page 10-3B.

Eurocontrol often allows you to “abort” SID’s early (or join STAR’s late), such as in this case you follow RASTA3H only up to Rattenberg (RTT), but then continue on the airway.

LSZK, Switzerland

oh, you are right, I overlooked 10-3B as I was going RTT direction only…and aslo thanks to strange page order in Jepp TC. I guess I was assigned RASTA3H instead of RTT 2H due to climb graditent, I need to look at the aircraft model I used, I left whatever was there, I was interested just in routing…

BTW – RASTA 3H takes me 59 m east of LOWI (not via RTT) and I see not published route between RASTA and RTT (approx 45 miles back to the west) but it gets validated by so obviously it´s ok.

Last Edited by Michal at 13 Jun 13:30

Down again – might even be my fault, got an error and on the second try the router is unavailable :-(

Error: Router engine not reachable — socket connect Connection refused (111)

By definition not your fault We’ve made some major changes in how we do routing in the UK and also introduced the 8.33kHz airspace flag which as of two weeks ago is being enforced in several airspaces. There’s still a stability issue in the new code which we hope to resolve within the next days. I’ll monitor the system closely until then.

By definition not your fault

But I think I managed to trigger that bug again as the router is down again. I’ll open a case and post the details to you (I don’t think Peter wants this forum to be a ticket system).

Yes, please avoid that particular routing for now. The bug is well understood, just waiting for a fix.

Will do.

We’ve made some major changes in how we do routing in the UK

So… what’s different and what’s changed?

just took the router for a test on ESTL-EGJA but got a timeout. tried with another aircraft but still the same result. Thankful for any help.

ESG..., Sweden

Hi again,
boiled down to aircraft equipment. Seem to avoid routing through Belgium though, built in grudge..? ;)


ESG..., Sweden
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