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Diamond DA50

johnh wrote:

Most people on here seem to keep their cars for 10+ years, and think it makes sense to own an older plane too. But we’re the exceptions.

I think the new production light GA aircraft buyers of the world are the exception, offering evidence that regardless of economic level the difference between aircraft buyers and car buyers is that the average aircraft buyer is a lot smarter.

Some years ago I was working for a billionaire with a background in aviation. His choice at the time was a 25 year old King Air with 300 hrs to run on the engines, for $1.2 million. He still has it

Which is not to say that its somehow wrong to spend money on a new plane if you’ve got the other bases covered and are looking for a place to spend money.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 23 Feb 18:54

how much is the fuel in comparison to the asking price

Literally a lifetime quantity of fuel.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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