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Forum Guidelines

Our forums are meant to be a place for informed discussion.  What we would love to see is people asking well formed, interesting questions and getting a wealth of informative answers from many other users.  In a perfect world we'd perhaps leave our guidelines there, but most forums seem to operate better with some basic guidelines in place.

Do not post anything that might be considered offensive to the average person on the street.  Everyone has different sensitivities, but if you wouldn't say it in front of your mother or your boss then you probably shouldn't say it here.

Do not attack individuals.  There is an old adage of "attack the post, not the poster". We'd like to go one step further and say that robust debate is fine, but slating someone else for their opinion is not. "If you wouldn't say it to their face don't say it in a post" is fine as far as it goes and definitely should apply here, but some people are pretty rude to one another in person too! Just be nice, okay?

Do not advertise products or services without contacting us first. Advertisements for aircraft, avionics and miscellaneous aviation related items need to be placed in the Marketplace where there is a small charge which goes towards the hosting costs of the forum.

We want to encourage businesses to participate - because a lot of the time they are the only ones who might have answers. The only conditions are that it is not done covertly (e.g. pretending to be a customer of the firm) and that the poster does genuinely participate in the forum generally.

Do not use real names (first name or otherwise) of people posting here unless they have first used them themselves - even if your post does not directly connect the name to the alias used by that person here.

Don't make things up. We want our forums to be thought of as reliable, so we'd like to avoid speculation or story-telling from taking hold and becoming a half-truth.

Some people (commonly called "trolls") get a kick out of pretending to be someone or something they're not, just to wind up other people. The best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. As soon as you engage in their debate you've already lost, no matter how ill conceived their notion and how accurate, passionate or right-minded your reply.

We do not allow posting on EuroGA under multiple user identities.

Do not post the contents of Private Messages, other confidential information, or copyrighted material without permission.

We would like discussions here to be broadly about general aviation and reading them should be a positive experience for as many people as possible. Posts with no substantive content, threads about other threads, threads disparaging other internet forums, posts purely intended to annoy one or more people are all examples of things which don't meet these objectives and are likely to be deleted.

Remember that everything you write here will in due course be indexed by Google and other search engines. This is not a private members' club. What you write may affect someone (or you!) years later. Even if you choose to not use your real name, your anonymity here is relatively superficial.

If you are looking for information: The better the question is phrased the better the answers are likely to be.  Try to post all the information that someone needs in order to answer it rather than drip feed it in response to enquiries.  It's great if you can include things you've already tried or places you've looked for an answer, otherwise people can spend time trying to answer with information you already have, which just wastes their time and is likely to annoy them.

Please do not post direct links to resources residing on sites which require a registration (free or paid) to gain access. Almost nobody is going to read them. It's much better to post a summary of the information on EuroGA because that stimulates discussion and increases its value to readers.

Please do not use vulgar words (e.g. the "f-word", written in full) because that can cause EuroGA to be blocked by corporate web filtering systems.

Political content: this is fine where directly relevant to aviation. Otherwise, it is likely to be eventually moved to a dedicated "politics/off topic" thread. Most online communities do not allow politics at all, so please use this facility with care, and only if you make genuine contributions elsewhere on EuroGA.

18th January 2023