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Zurich area airports

Hey Guy´s

I am new to EUROGA but been lurking around for some time :) I am relocating to Zurich shortly and I am picking up the flying bug again so I was hopping to buy a Cirrus or something in that range but I can´t find a good option for hangar?

I have been to LSZH many times with the jet I use to fly but I do remember I saw plenty of GA aircraft´s in the hangars but I can´t find any information about this?

Any other options in the area?

Over and Out

I’ve heard that there are hangar spaces at LSZH for appriximately 400-500 CHF / month but I have no more information. Maybe @Mooney_Driver can give you more info.

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LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

Thanks ! I have been looking at LSZC also but it´s far and also very expensive.

The dream would be to find some small airport with a GA community but I guess it will be hard

What about Birrfeld? Its the almost the same driving distance and it seam to have a thriving community with lots of small hangar. I want to be able to spend some time on the ground with my aircraft not just have some handler bring it out and then I go fly and put it back !

I think the waiting time for a hangar at Birrfeld is about 5 years, but others may be more in the know.

Do you own a jet?

Oh that is not good I can´t wait 5 years :(

No no I hardly own the car I am driving ;) I use to fly a CJ2+ and a CJ3 for a living

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Try LSMF,, huge Hangar but not sure if space available.


Thanks Luckymaaa !

Are you based at Mollis? I have been talking to Linthair before and then it was impossible

Yes, and Hangar is also a Problem, except you could get in there.

So im sorry

If you’re interested in LSZH, you could try to call the resident aeroclub MFGZ, I know a syndicate which has their plane in MFGZ’s hangar.

If grass (well kept, plastic grid reinforced) is an option, you might try to contact LSZK FGZO.

Another option might be LSZG, quite far away, though, but customs/immigration even outside Schengen, and IFR procedures.

LSZK, Switzerland
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