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What to do on EuroGA with videos other than Vimeo or Youtube?

The above two are auto-detected (for YT, so long as the URL is not too badly mangled, and subject to this) but the new stuff like the Youtube “shorts” cannot be posted here, or really anywhere else.

Some of it has a URL, some doesn’t, while a lot of the URLs are massive and probably contain data on the viewer’s video viewing habits so if you click on it you then get a load of dodgy videos presented to you everywhere you go, with FB being the prime candidate with its “short reels” feature

This is one example, which does have a URL… for the moment, at least.

This is becoming true more and more as the world moves to “instant satisfaction snippets” for everything, with TicToc leading the way with a tsunami of junk and a few % of useful stuff

And I doubt most of it has any “lifetime” – unlike Vimeo or YT where stuff stays unless the owner decides to remove it or restrict it. I would expect everything on FB is deleted pretty fast; the whole concept of FB is rather transient, and since it has no SEO (google can’t index it) this doesn’t bother anybody.

We could not re-host videos due to sheer size. In a few cases of valuable ones I downloaded the video and uploaded it to my Vimeo library…

I wonder what one can do, to make this stuff viewable on EuroGA.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

I wonder what one can do, to make this stuff viewable on EuroGA.

Nothing, just leave them as a URL – if someone want to go and watch things like shorts (for some reason always shot vertically?!), they could just open the link separately.


The point was that these videos probably get removed at the source pretty soon after appearing.

I was looking for technological ideas

In the meantime it is best to just not post those videos. Stick to youtube or vimeo…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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