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Website is not working properly at this moment

I get lots of HTML code instead of the website, here's a screenshot:

Same applies for the Articles link. The other links (e.g. Flying, Hangar Talk) work fine.

Bushpilot C208/C182
FMMI/EHRD, Madagascar

Ah, and now it works again... Weird. You can delete this topic if you wish.

Bushpilot C208/C182
FMMI/EHRD, Madagascar

Thanks Officer, particularly for the screenshot. The odd thing is that that code looks about right to me, so why your browser was choosing to show it to you rather than rendering it isn't obvious. Usually that would be because the Content Type header is set incorrectly, but I can't think of a way that that could be the case, given it was working for you, it's working for you again now and it hasn't changed at this end in between.

Anyway, glad it's working again now. Do let us know if it happens again.

EGTR / London, United Kingdom

If it helps, I was using Google Chrome. Next time I will also test on Safari and Firefox.

Bushpilot C208/C182
FMMI/EHRD, Madagascar

Same problem with Chrome/Mac occasionally.

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