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Peter, This site is very valuable to me. I'd be glad to donate on a yearly basis and no doubt others will too. It makes no sense that you should carry the out-of-pocket expenses which you are surely incurring..

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Thank you for the kind suggestion, Aart, but it's not necessary.

I incur no expenses - well apart from buying the domain name (and some similar ones) when I was originally planning to get this project started.

Back then it was going to be running on a PC on an ADSL line, at my home, using one of the rather tacky, feature-bloated and easy to attack off-the-shelf forum packages. Then David kindly offered his company's hosting service, and the software, for free.

So it isn't costing anything, which also means we don't need advertising.

I firmly believe GA needs a properly seriously functioning online community, to exchange information, to learn, or to just chat.

The best thing anyone can do for EuroGA is to spread the word

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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