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A good “review” here.

It’s deemed THE new thing apparently. I’m not so sure it will revolutionize anything. IMO;

  • A backward choice of engine.
  • Way too heavy
  • “Special” looks

Their intentions was to design an aircraft for the newer generations. But this design looks to be tailor made for the old generation. Several good points also of course, as seen in the video, in particular the price, so maybe it is THE new thing?

The elephant is the circulation

The official site is here.

It is designed by Ken Krueger from Vans and the founder is the guy behind Dynon. It sells for less than 100k, and that includes full Dynon glass with autopilot.

The elephant is the circulation

Well if they are going to sell any into the flight training market. A market that I have to say is enormous they have to make it cheaper to operate than a C152.

Now only time will tell if thats the case with the airframe but from an engine point of view they need a rethink.

May I suggest a Rotax 912is and approval for mogas with 10% ethanol.

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Designed for the US market …

United Kingdom

Carbon_copy wrote:

Designed for the US market …

Of course, but with MTOW 600 kg soon to be the norm for European microlights, it is essentially also designed for the European microlight market.

The elephant is the circulation

Well they have delivered the first few to customers and apparently they took 57 orders at oshkosh. They have also made a few improvements adding an extra hinge to the doors and altering the windscreen angle to prevent oil canning.

They have also delivered one to a flight school and there has already been a first solo.

I have to say I think the price is excellent and with a locally based C152 with 300 hours on the engine just selling 42.5K I do hope this is the answer.

It would be nice to see how it lasts in the training environment and personality I would prefer the benefits that a Rotax 912 offers.

It could well be a movement in the right direction yes.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

Also apparently the aircraft was designed for floats from the outset so one may then assume that’s it designed to cope at LSA seaplane weight of 650 KG rather than the standard 600KG. So if the LSA max weight is increased the land based aircraft may well benefit.

I must say, this aircraft grows on me. I like it more and more. The perfect trainer for the new microlight regulations (600 kg MTOW). Only, remove that ancient engine, put in a 912iS. This will also add 30-40 kg to the payload.

The elephant is the circulation
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